Reading is Key

My husband and I have always enjoyed reading. Even before having our kids, we each had a vast collection of children’s literature. He tended to choose books based on their artistic appeal (being an artist) and I on the whimsical story lines.
It seemed only natural for us that as we began having kids, they also be exposed to the wonderful world of the printed word. From the minute they were born, they became used to watching me read while nursing. As they grew older they would sit on our laps and listen to us read for hours on end. Now it is a pleasure to watch them eagerly search our home and local library, scouring the shelves for books they have yet to explore.
Today as we signed up for yet another Summer Reading Program, it was a joy to see my babies’ eyes light up and anticipate what the summer holds. I cherish these moments with my little ones and hope that they look back on their youthful reading with fondness, as my husband and I do.
If you have yet to share the wonderful world of books with your children, you don’t know what you are missing. It is never to late to start. Find your local library and sign up for their Summer Reading Program. Grab a cart full of books and begin a journey you will not regret. The time you spend reading both on your own and with your child will not be wasted or forgotten; your children will grow in wisdom, imagination, and in heart. You will see your relationships bloom and grow while you talk about all the amazing things you read.
Reading is a key element in life. So, pick up a good book and see where it takes you!

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