Among Friends

My little man (on the left) with a pal.

Today was a fun day. A friend’s daughter was having a birthday party and we were all invited to help celebrate. There were ponies, tire swings, and more BBQ than you can imagine! While we were able to enjoy all of those things, the Lord brought something else to my mind. Today was a great reminder of all the friends that the Lord has brought into my children’s lives.

As a homeschooler, I have the pleasure of not just knowing about my children’s friends, but actually knowing my children’s friends. I know their parents, I know their siblings, and anyone else close to them. We know their worldview and they know ours. I never have to wonder whether or not a friend can have a play date, I can answer immediately because I know. 

One of my girlies (in the green blouse) surrounded by a small group of her friends.

I wonder how many parents actually know their children’s friends. A suggestion I would make to parents is this; get to know them. The people your children are around, influences them more than you can imagine. The friends that they make today will help shape who they are tomorrow.

I am blessed in being able to say that my children are surrounded with a great group of friends. Friends that I pray they will have for a lifetime.

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