Summer School: Field Trip Fun

Thinking back on my own childhood education, I can count on one hand how many field trips we went on. Once we got into high school, field trips stopped altogether. One great aspect to homeschooling, that both my husband and I love, is visiting all the places we never had an opportunity to see before. We have been on more field trips than I can recall. In fact, sometimes we wonder why homeschooling is called just that. We are always on the go!

Visiting the Butterfly sanctuary in Monterey

No matter what area of the country you are in, there is always something worth taking a look at and exploring. A simple Google search can help you narrow down your choices and point you in the direction you are looking for. From museums, to galleries, to amusement parks; there is always something worth taking a look at.

If searching on the web isn’t your style, try Field Trip Factory. This website has put together an extensive search of possible field trips, they also help you book your tickets and plan the whole trip.

Dennis the Menace Park

Going on field trips can often be a bit pricey. In order to conserve funds, make sure to research the site to see if they offer a Free Day. Most museums and galleries offer one, and others offer group discounts. If you are in Southern California, Discover Los Angeles has created a wonderful calendar to help you take advantage of their free or discounted days. To view this form, go HERE.

Believe it or not, Disneyland is even getting in on the bandwagon. As part of Disney’s Youth Education Series, students can learn physics, production arts and sciences, ocean discoveries and more, all while in the park. Astonishingly, their prices are pretty reasonable and the field trips very extensive. For an additional amount, but still very reasonable, you can spend the remainder of the day in the park. The best part: the field trip, plus the extra time in the park are still less than a normal day’s ticket!

Our homeschool ISP has two awesome coordinators who handle most of our field trips during the school year, but come summer we are on our own. I usually try and do one field trip a week, making the most of our time and creating memories with our kids. It is nice to know that there are a variety of ways to go about searching for them and that I don’t need to go broke doing it.

I hope you have fun this summer. Whether it’s galleries, museums, Disneyland, or a park you’ve never been to; take these moments to create some great memories. Get out and explore; you won’t regret it!

11 thoughts on “Summer School: Field Trip Fun

  1. Oh I do so like that “summer vacation” can become an extension of learning and having so much fun doing so. Thank you for posting all this valuable information. Barb


  2. Trips are usually complicated for us because of the age span and different needs of my kids, but I am determined to take more field trips this summer! Free days are a great idea!


  3. Great blog! I’m going to start homeschooling my kids in the Fall. I’m so excited and nervous and all that. It’s a bit overwhelming but so worth it. 🙂


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