Sunday is our family day. The day that we, usually, don’t have to rush around running errands or make sure school work gets done. My husband thought it would be fun to spend one Sunday making dioramas with the kids. We started the project a few weeks ago, but finally had an opportunity to finish them up today.

Dioramas are very simple to make. All you need is a box and some basic crafting materials. Of course you can always make things more detailed and complex, but the idea is to allow the kids to be creative and create an environment of their choosing.

My oldest daughter, Trinity, is very much into the arts. She chose to create this beautiful theatre diorama. Our plan is to create paper puppets that she can then use in plays, some of which she will write for herself. We used real fabric for the curtains (remnants of an earlier project) and theatrical stickers (also from an earlier scrap-booking project). She was very specific about her plans and I think the end product was simply wonderful.

My middle girlie, Noel, decided to create a fairy world. We created this miniature garden for her to put paper fairies in and play. We used mostly construction paper and flower stickers. We are now going to have to either photocopy or create some paper dolls fairies to play in their own little world.

My baby girl, Angelina, decided to go under the sea. My Aunt Margaret had stopped by for a visit and cleverly helped her to create this ocean scene. The whales were hand drawn and then cut out. We made them pop out a little by adding dimensional stickers. We used real sand, rocks, and shells. I happened to have some left-over ocean stickers and even some ocean beads! We hung the beads on clear string, from the roof of the box, making the diorama even more 3D. She is very pleased with her project.

My little man, JAG, decided that he wanted an Angry Birds box. So, my husband spent the better part of an hour drawing all of the individual birds that my boy thought he needed. (Man, it is nice being married to an artist!) My hubby then made a planet and used the dimensional stickers to pop that off of the background. He added trees, stars, and other details to make the box really come together.

Creating the dioramas was a blast! The kids had a fun time, we got to do something creative together, and now the kids have something to help keep them occupied for the rest of the summer. Sound like fun? Grab a box, some construction paper, and get busy! Let’s see what your kids come up with.

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