The Stash

While out this afternoon (avoiding the oven that was my house), I received a fun phone call. My friend, let me know she was ready to drop off the stash of crafting supplies she had mentioned earlier in the month.

We set up a time for her to drop them off (during which our air conditioner would now be working). I was very excited to see what new items we could gather and what we might be able to use for our Keepers at Home group.

Helping her unload, I was surprised at how many items she was graciously willing to let us have! Our entire living room floor was covered with various items of interest. There were things like fabric, greenery, ribbon, tins, and more. There was so much stuff to go through.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the space or the ability to use all of it. I was able to grab quite a few items that we will put to good use. The rest is going to be given to others that I know will use it well.

The items that excited me the most were these crafting books. They have an abundance of creative projects to work on! I am sure there will be plenty in there to keep us busy for a very long time!

Have you ever been given something out of the blue that excited you? I love hearing fun stories like that; please share!

The Lord blessed us yet again today! What a stash….


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