Out With The Old

That time of year has come around again. The time to clean out the homeschooling closet and begin anew. The time to minimize, organize, and prioritize. All summer we have been doing projects, being creative, and having fun. Now it is time to prep for this exciting new year of our learning adventure.

Each day this week, we have assigned ourselves one organizing project that needs to be completed in order for us to be ready next Monday. Today, it was minimizing the amount of items we kept from last year’s schooling and filing what we wanted to keep. 

So, off to the homeschooling closet we went. We pulled all our files out and got to work. We went through our binders and set aside only our main tests, our writing assignments, and work that was special to the kids. We looked at any projects that were sitting out and took stock of them as well. All items that we wanted were carefully labeled and filed in the garage, in mommy’s handy filing bin.

Our closet is now emptied out of anything unwanted or not needed. Ah, that feels nice!


6 thoughts on “Out With The Old

  1. We are getting ready for the new year too and I wanted to ask you for some advice. For Kindergarten, did you use a Mastery Based program or a curriculum that had the weeks outlined for you. Any suggestions? I am going to use the Spelling to Write and Read and we’re looking into Singapore Math.


    • For Kindergarten, I used a Mastery Based program for the core subjects. I use aBeka for Language Arts and Arithmetic, then I use A Reason for Writing for Handwriting Skills. I didn’t use spelling for my kids until First Grade, as I wanted to just focus on reading skills being improved in Kindergarten, the spelling could wait.

      The rest of my curriculum is pretty much unit studies, so that would be more of an outlined course.

      I have heard great things about Singapore Math and Math-U-See, but have never used either.


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