The Conversation

Faerie NotesIt seems such a lost art these days; letter writing. We text, we email, we IM, and we Facebook; we don’t really take the time to compose a meaningful letter though, do we?

Now that school has begun and we are back to our regular routine, the creative writing project is in full swing! Every few days, I don my alter ego and write a slew of letters to the other characters.

Through our letters to each other, we are learning to be creative and imaginative. We are exploring each other’s worlds and having an adventure on paper.

I have not demanded that my children write at certain intervals, as I was afraid that this might hinder them from wanting to write. I did, however, suggest that at least one note be written per week. Note

What has surprised me the most is that I don’t have to constantly remind them to write their one letter, but rather they are complaining that don’t respond fast enough! I can compose my notes, place them in their mailboxes, and by the next morning another stack of notes awaits me!

Talk about being inspired! My children are constantly hunting up ideas to write on, questions to ask, and thoughtful insights into my character’s problems. They are eager to sit down and respond to whatever thoughts I might have had in return.

Note2This has been the best and most efficient form of encouraging our children to explore creative writing. To see their joyful faces when they have mail and their giggles when they leave it, has brought me much happiness.

Now… I had better go check my box and get busy. I am afraid I have been a little negligent. Who knew this might become a full time job?

Do you like to receive mail? What is the most memorable letter you ever received?

9 thoughts on “The Conversation

  1. Such a cute idea. I hope my son will be as excited as your children over it.

    As to my most memorable letter ever received…it wasn’t a good one, unfortunately. It was a super-fanatic-Christian-doomsday sort of letter a very close relative wrote to me after her new meds (for crohn’s disease) brought on unexpected anxiety attacks that led her to write an extremely upsetting letter (that she later apologized for) regarding my son’s fate because I like fairies and read Harry Potter to him.

    Worse yet, I read it while I was trying to get back on my feet, no power in the summer, and on my way (walking) to a job interview (which I cried during and somehow scored thanks to my sincerity, I guess).

    Life is so much better now. However, that letter packed too big of an emotional punch to ever forget.


  2. What a great idea!!! My daughter writes letters to the “Bedtime Fairy” and “Tooth Fairy” all the time and I respond back to her via this alter ego. She’s 7 so she still believes! I know these days are numbered so this will a great way to keep up our correspondence long after the fairies are no longer around!!


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