Letters of Love

Lunch NotesAs I ready my children for school, I stand at my kitchen counter packing wholesome lunches all set to be tucked away into their boxes and carted off to school. Along with their balanced meal, I lovingly slip in a note of love which promises of homemade cookies and cold milk upon their return.

WAIT!… Scratch that… How could I forget? I don’t send my kids off to school. I don’t pack them lunches in cute little boxes. I don’t give them milk and cookies when they come back because they never leave. I don’t send them little love notes in their lunch pails; there are no lunch pails.

When shopping for back-to-school supplies, I happened upon these cute little “lunch note” cards for parents. What a cute idea, I thought! In reality, I have no use for them. We homeschool, so I don’t pack meals for our kids. I don’t box a lunch for my guy (usually); he works at home! I make our lunch at the stove and then we sit down to eat as a family.

The idea behind the love notes was touching though; surely there must be a way for me to use them? Then an idea struck me! Part of dating someone is writing love letters, right? So if I was “dating my children“, surely I would need to write them “love letters”! These little notes would indeed come in handy!

Now I needed to find creative ways to deliver my letters of love… Hmmm… Perhaps when we are on a field trip, I could attach them to their juice boxes or water bottles? I could tuck it into the front cover of their current book read. I could stick them to the chairs at the kitchen table between breakfast and the beginning of our day! There are so many possibilities, I could go on forever.Our eraser

As for my man, we rarely send each other notes anymore. However, we have found one cute, clever way of reminding each other of our affection. An eraser! Yes, you read that right!

Years and years ago, when we were just friends, we went on an expedition to a museum. During the drive, I dug into my pocket for something I apparently needed and came up with an assortment of little items I had stored away. One of which was this silly, red, heart-shaped eraser that said, “I Love You”. Not thinking much about it, I set the eraser in one of the cup holders and found the item that I was looking for. It seems I forgot (really, I did!) to put the eraser back into my pocket and in the car it stayed.

A year or two later, when we got married, my husband cleverly tucked the eraser into one of my bags. I was astonished to discover that he had kept the eraser all that time! It seems that the Lord knew better than both of us!

Now the eraser has become a symbol. It reminds us of God’s hand in bringing us together and the continued affection we have for one another. One of us always has the eraser, finding a new place or manner in which to leave it for the other person to find. I never grow tired of hiding it, it brings me great pleasure to see his face when he discovers it. I never grow tired of finding it, it brings to mind that day at the museum and all the days in between.

Whether it is a stack of silly little notes or a funny, heart-shaped eraser; I need to remember that my family appreciates these little demonstrations of love. I constantly am trying to find ways to show my heart and express my feelings.

As homeschoolers, I have to be a little more creative. I am learning to take advantage of an opportunity when I see it. I can’t use a lunchbox, but I can use other things. The key is remembering and doing, no matter how little or how silly.

Do you write your children letters of love? What creative ways to do you find to deliver them?

20 thoughts on “Letters of Love

  1. When my daughter was little and her dad was away at training I used to hide Hershey Kisses all over the house. She’d find them and come running in, squealing with delight that she’d found a chocolate and she just had to show me. Each time I reminded her that I hid them in the house so she’d always find a little kiss just when she needed it most. She was only three then and necessity has since made that tradition die, but it was fun while it lasted.

    The lovely thing about homeschooling is you are with your kids every day. Your messages can be subtle, like tucking a little note into their laundry or their dresser drawer, or pretty obvious, like drawing a picture with big bubble letters stating, “I love my kiddos and they love me!” I’ll throw chips at my daughter because she thinks I’ll never get one in her mouth, even if I tried. I haven’t succeeded yet, so I guess I’ll have to keep trying. When the kids all ask why I do such crazy things I tell them “Because I love my crazy-heads, and you have to be crazy when you’ve got crazy-heads for kids!” The crazy thing started when we were thinking of great “C” words to describe my daughter. Oz goes out and buys cupcakes, just because, and we have random cupcake parties. I’ll dance around the house to make them laugh. They always ask why I’m so silly and I always tell them because I love to see them laugh. Every night we’ve been reading chapters of Peter Pan because my middle son reminds me so much of the character already and he’s only little. Every day I find at least a dozen ways to tell my children I love them.

    As for the notes, maybe put together a little “mailbox” so they can get messages from people who don’t see them every day, or aren’t there all day during school hours. They can even use these mailboxes to write cute notes to each other. My sister and I did that at one point and it was a lot of fun. We were always excited to see that we had mail!


  2. I love it too, what a sweet reminder of your love story! Thanks for reminding me of love letter writing, I am getting on that. His pillow seems appropriate;)


  3. how could i not remember doing this? back when i was still single and had no children, i thought that this was such a very nice tradition to take on when I have kids….thank you for reminding me. i shall start this week.:)


  4. What awesome ideas! Out oldest just started reading, so this is a great time to start!! We also had some conversation in our homeschool Facebook group about moms feeling like they feel their kids don;t get to do some of the cute/cool things like notes in the lunch box! I love your post and feel inspired that we can do these things if we take the time to want to do it 🙂


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