Venice Type-In

My husband is very much into typewriters; he currently owns about ten. One of my daughters has her own typewriter, which is the same model Kit Kittredge uses. You might have notice that the header for my blog also has a typewriter. The typewriter isn’t just for my header though, I own the real deal; the pink machine sits at my work station and gets used almost daily.

So obviously, when a Type-In was announced for Venice Beach, we were there! We were able to view a wonderful, short film about the world of typewriters, type on some interesting machines, and meet some of the people who both acted in and made the film.


Beyond Baroque

Article 1

Art Exhibit

We Love Typing

Let's Type

Little Man Typing

Mouse having some fun.

Let's See


Important Machines

After the Type-In, we took the kiddos to Venice. We let them get their feet wet and do some running around before heading back to the valley.

Venice Beach

Ah! That Feels Good

Your Story

The Type-In was very interesting. It was a great addition to our homeschooling schedule for the week.

To watch the short film, please visit The Typewriter. For more detailed information on the event, you can visit Streamlines Deluxe.

Do you like to use a typewriter?

10 thoughts on “Venice Type-In

  1. I hate typewriters. Probably because I had to actually use one–it wasn’t a novelty. LOL! Liquid Paper was my best friend. I could put that stuff on without it glopping up my paper. I thought Smith-Corona Correction ribbons for typewriters were the most fantastic things ever invented.


    • My kids would get frustrated if I forced them to turn assignments in from the typewriter, but it is only for personal use.
      Incidentally, in the film, one gentleman points out that typewriters actually force people to become better writers. We are forced to slow down, think about what we are writing, and be more careful about our spelling. I think he has a valid point. When we can’t simply backspace, how many mistakes would we make?
      Something to think about….


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