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On the way home from church this morning, I heard this beautiful song from Matthew West, “Forgiveness“. In this simple song, Matthew lays out the truth regarding this hard principle of life.

It is the hardest thing to give, it is the last thing we want to do, the person receiving it doesn’t usually deserve it, and it is far from how we feel. It injures our pride, it causes us pain, and it takes everything just to say the words.

Even when all the world says we have a right to be angry and remain upset, forgiveness must rule the day. It makes anger flee and removes bitterness; the person who is really set free is you. There is no end to its power.

Listening to this song, it reminded me of how important this lesson is for us to learn. It is essential that my children see us forgive and for them to give it in return.

When I make mistakes, I need to seek my children’s forgiveness and make things right. Through my humility, perhaps our children will learn to diminish their pride.

When my children make mistakes, I need to be quick to forgive. This will teach them the blessing of grace and mercy.

What touched me the most, was that Matthew gets to the heart of the matter. Forgiveness isn’t easy and it often causes pain, but in the long run we are only hurting ourselves by holding back. Even when we feel we have a right to be hurt (which we might), the answer is to set it free.

Only when we set our anger and bitterness free, by granting forgiveness, will we truly be able to live a life of joy and peace. And after all, if my God in heaven can forgive me, who is most unworthy, how dare not forgive others?

What, do you find, is the hardest aspect of forgiving someone?


6 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Thank-you for this. This topic is a hard one for me… in some areas I soar and other areas I seriously struggle… especially with some people that seriously hurt and abused me…

    I needed this reminder today. Thank-you and God bless you ((hugs))


    • I understand completely. There are circumstances in my life that never should have occurred and people who have walked away; it was especially hard to forgive.
      May the Lord grant you the peace to let go, so that you may be healed and whole.
      Lots of hugs in return!


  2. This topic is such an important one and one I struggle with. Especially where it concerns my ex-husband and his relationship (or lack thereof ) with our daughters. Although, I never speak negatively about him to them, I also don’t encourage them to pray for him as much as I should. Forgiveness is often a process, I find. Thank you for this!


    • This is a hard situation… My father walked out on us when I was four and didn’t bother to return. Forgiveness wasn’t easy, but it made me free of the anger and the hurt; for that I am grateful. I make a point of praying for him, when the thought crosses my mind. While I didn’t have a relationship with him here, perhaps I can in heaven? It’s never too late!


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