Future In-Laws

WeddingSo often when we think of our children’s future, we think of only them. What college they will go to; when they will get married; who they will get married to; how many grandkids our children will provide us with. How often, I wonder, do we ponder the people our children will marry?

I remember having a very pointed conversation with one of my children who seemed very concerned about the person she would marry. “But will he let me homeschool?” she asked. “Will he let me stay at home, like you do?” she wanted to know.

I remember telling her that I couldn’t give an answer to her questions; those were things she would have to work out with the person the Lord brought into her life. One thing I could tell her was this… pray!

Pray that your future husband will be a man of God, pray that he will be excited about the idea of homeschooling, pray that you will be able to stay at home, and keep praying for the man you eventually marry, until the day you die.

As her mother, and the future mother-in-law to whichever man the Lord brings along, it prompted me to also take a step of faith and do some praying of my own.

I pray that he be a strong Christian. Our faith is the center of who we are. I pray that she marries a man who not only has our same beliefs, but has given himself fully to the Lord.

I pray that he is from a strong family. While this isn’t essential (there are many great men who are not from great families), for his own sake I pray that he comes from a family where he is mightily loved. That he has parents he can count on and who love him unconditionally.

I pray that he is protected. While life is uncertain and all of us face a fair amount of trials, I pray that the Lord would take care of this person.

I pray that he would love my child the way God loves us. Every parent wants to know that their child is greatly loved by their spouse, I am no different. I pray that he would have understanding, compassion, and a great amount of affection for my daughter; not only when times are good, but for the long haul.

While it may seem silly to pray for someone we might not have even met yet, the Lord has told me this is something I need to be doing.

Each day of the week, I pray for one of my children specifically (see A Time to Pray). On each child’s “day”, not only do I spend some time praying for just them, now I also spend time praying for my future in-laws. (Imagine me chuckling as I type that…)

I pray that when the time comes for my children to be married, I would love them as my own and that they would love me in return. I pray that their parents would be as accepting of my child, as I would like my child to accept them. I pray that as my children marry, it won’t be a feeling of loss, but one of gain. An opportunity for us to grow and become larger, where family gatherings are filled with lots of people and lots of love.

Do you pray for the people your children will marry?


2 thoughts on “Future In-Laws

  1. We are in agreement about praying for our children’s future spouses. I also pray that my children are able to select the right person for them. To supplement my prayers, I spend time discussing not only how they should treat not only their future spouse and others but also how to make correct decisions.


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