Take Me Shopping, Please!

Christmas TimeChristmas time is just around the corner and everyone is anxiously gathering their hoard of presents, eager to bless others with mounds of gifts.

For the past several weeks, our two oldest girls have been after us to take them shopping. They are enthusiastic to peruse the stores and find gifts for… their siblings! All year-long, our kiddos save up their little bits of pocket-money just to use them at Christmas.

While we have explained to them, time and time again, that presents are not expected and we simply should enjoy the season for what it is, our children insist on blessing each other. They carefully watch each other during the months leading up to Christmas, keeping their ears and eyes open for little items that are of interest to the others.

When December draws near, they begin to persistently beg to be taken shopping. They have a list of stores they want to visit and a particular list of items they are looking for.

After we finished our homeschooling today, my oldest daughter and I found some time to get to her list of presents. While to most children these items might seem small and insignificant (how many kids get excited about Chapstick and scented hand sanitizer?), to my children they mean the world.

Their gifts are never large in size, but they are large in heart; some being store bought and others being hand-made. No matter the method, the present itself is always a reflection of the person receiving it.

It isn’t about how much the gift costs, it is about paying attention to one another’s needs and their desire to bless one another. My children get true joy out of buying these little items and they anticipate the receiving of them.

For me, I am touched to see their heart of giving and their desire to bless someone else. They never make lists for what they want or need; they make them for others. They take the time to pay attention and then take action.

During this special time of year, it is beautiful to see that my children embrace the wonderful concept of thinking of others and not of themselves.



6 thoughts on “Take Me Shopping, Please!

  1. You are so completely right..it really isn’t about the size of the gift, or whether it’s shop bought or homemade..if it comes from the heart then it is the most special gift in the whole world! It is such an important sentiment to instil in our beautiful children 🙂


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