Where’s the Baby?

Nativity SceneOne fun Christmas tradition my husband has initiated is the hiding of baby Jesus. Yup, you read that right.

When we decorate our house, the night before Thanksgiving, we put everything out except baby Jesus. When the kids wake up the next morning, they look around at all the beautiful household decorations and notice that the nativity is not quite complete.

Every morning, especially for our littlest ones, we encourage the kids to run into the fireplace room and look to see if Baby Jesus has been born.

For the littlest ones, this helps them to identify when Christmas is actually here. For the rest of us, it reminds us of what the season is truly all about.

It isn’t about the presents, the treats, or the activities; it is about the birth of a baby King. It is about the best gift we could ever receive… Jesus.

On Christmas morning we run out to find baby Jesus in His manger and we read the Christmas story. Only after we have truly remembered what Christmas is about, do we take down our stockings and see what blessings have been given.

This yearly tradition is a family favorite in our house!

Do you have an annual tradition that helps you to celebrate the season?


8 thoughts on “Where’s the Baby?

  1. I either use the “mural” that I made a couple of years ago, or read the story of Jesus’ birth the morning of Christmas. Another reason why I prefer to stay at home during this time, and not visit family out of town.


  2. We have the same tradition! Our 14-year-old loves that I’m doing it even if he’s the only kid at home. It’s been 2 days and he hasn’t found Him yet!!!


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