Study Haul

I love that for Christmas, rather than receive gifts that will have no lasting value or significance for my children, they usually receive items that “add wrinkles to their brain” (as my sister-in-law calls it.)

This year was no exception, our children were blessed with an abundance of beautiful gifts that will help them along their paths of learning and ensure that their brains look like prunes!

Solar System

My children were each given gift cards to Barnes and Nobles. My middle girl bought a solar system/planetarium boxed set. The other kids opted for books.

Cake Book

This book was neatly tucked into one of girls’ stockings. There is nothing like learning some new skills.

Fairy Tales

My cousin and his wife stopped by last night to drop off some items for the family. This was just one of the many awesome books they got the kids.


My husband’s cousin got the girls this neat cake pop maker! I am sure this baby is going to see a lot of use.

Stampin' Up

My sister-in-law brought the kids a large haul of stamps and pastels. We are most definitely going to be using these in the days to come.

The kids weren’t the only ones who were blessed, both my husband and I received several thoughtful items. There was one in particular that really touched my heart….

Christmas Plate

This plate was given to me by my mother. I was so surprised and so touched by her thoughtfulness. This plate was made in the year I was born, in the city where my parents were married. I love blue dishware, but this plate is especially touching because it has four deer on it. Three of them are female and one male; just like my kids! This was definitely the highlight of my night.

Yes, this Christmas our family was once again blessed by a multitude of thoughtfulness. We are very thankful to all those who helped make this season bright; not by the giving of gifts, but by the giving of their love and affection.

What gift did you receive that touched your heart the most?

10 thoughts on “Study Haul

  1. The best gift I received this year was the pure joy and excitement on the faces of my two boys. Even when they opened up clothes and new underwear. : ) This is the first year they have understood the concept and really got into the excitement of it all on Christmas morning. : ) And to see them be so excited and thankful even over the gifts that most kids would push aside made me both happy and proud of them. : )


  2. I would love to here how the baby cakes maker goes over. My 7 yr old daughter loves the cakes pops (though she has never had one) I think its the novelty of it. I am thinking ahead to her birthday. SO I’d love to here your thoughts!

    We love to get (and give) board games as a family! fun times!
    My favorite gift to give this year was to my husbands brothers boys. Our family made up a gift box for the cousins full of u-build bird houses and feeder kits, a book on building tree houses,forts and huts, duct tape, homemade marshmellow shooters and flour bombs! (pantyhose cut into sections, filled with flour and tied off) it was a total boy box and total excitement when they opened it up!


  3. those gifts are great and I especially love that your kids made good use of the gift certificates. I love thoughtful gifts…the purposeful ones. i remember a time when people would just give gifts that don’t make sense at all — it’s the thought that counts is the excuse which I find absurd since if it was well thought of for the receiver to be able to find use for — or value. i think the present state of economy gave rise to sensible gifts…a friend would give us their own ice tea syrup mix every year and many people from our church have begun to look forward to receiving it every Christmas because the Iced tea has become part of our Christmas tradition meals. A friend has started a photo collage gift for friends because she takes such nice pictures and would collect pictures of families throughout the year, We found our own gift tradition this year. Since hubby and I are musicians, we gave out CDs of personally performed Christmas songs and gave out homemade Christmas trinkets for kids to paint and hang on their Christmas trees.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


    • I love all of those ideas! My father-in-law gives out homemade sausages, wines, and other items that he has made.
      I think receiving something that has time invested in it is very special. I love your idea of giving CD’s, I am sure they are wonderful!


  4. the best gift and it probably sounds a bit silly, but that my parents were home. For the last two years they’ve been on a busy schedule of business trips and since I left boarding school I see less and less of them – but they are *always* home for Christmas each year. It just meant more to me this year because they adopted me when I was 7 and I wouldn’t have anyone at all if it weren’t for them – and now that I’m 14 I feel like I realise how lucky I am to have a mother and a father. My Mum and Dad are really lovely and I have enjoyed having them home and just down the corridor from me for the last two weeks. Happy new year. Lottie x


    • That is truly a wonderful Christmas present.

      (By the by… I enjoyed perusing your blog. Don’t be afraid to create new memories, while savoring the old. I pray that your experience in America will be both educational and memorable. Your family sounds lovely!)


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