There and Back Again

the_hobbit_movieTonight, the man and I went to see The Hobbit, Part I with my sister-in-law.

We thought the movie was fantastic. It was well made and very entertaining, so much so that we were remarkably surprised at how fast three hours flew.

The characters were charming and well-developed, the scenery breathtaking, and the story interesting.

It didn’t follow the book exactly and there were a few minor inconsistencies between this movie and the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, but nothing that affected the plot.

Our oldest daughter, “T”, has recently finished reading this series as part of her homeschooling. She was quite bothered when we announced that she would not be allowed to watch the movies yet. (In our house we read the books before we ever watch the movies. Therefore she thought she would be allowed to watch, having read the books.)

I stick with our earlier decision though. This isn’t a movie to take younger children to see, at least not in my opinion. It is one thing to read about such creatures as orcs, it is quite another to see them up close on film!

Perhaps in a few years she might be able to watch them, but not now. At this stage in her life, I think some of these characters might be a bit too visually disturbing.

Fortunately for her, we do have the cartoon versions of the original stories. She has watched those films and enjoyed them. There aren’t strictly “by the book”, but they aren’t too shabby.

We are anxiously awaiting part II of The Hobbit, as it seems this is a three-part film. I don’t believe it is coming out for some time. This will afford us the opportunity to perhaps reread The Hobbit and perhaps even Lord of the Rings.

Have you or your children read through Tolkien’s stories? How did you enjoy them compared to the films?

6 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Good review. While I have some issues with the overuse of CG and some truly bad one-liners, it’s so darn good to have more Tolkien movies that are so much fun and beautiful, who really gives a crap?


  2. I haven’t read any of the books, but have seen the movies (most recently The Hobbit with Danish subtitles). It has inspired me to read the books, though, and I am thinking of downloading The Hobbit to my ipad. I agree that the movies are quite frightening for a child and the imagery can be a little adult. I was having a little trouble sitting through this one as it did seem a little drawn out…but it is much better quality than any other movies currently in the theaters, so I appreciated it as my once a year movie theater/ date night treat.


  3. I have read the book to my kids 3 times now, and just took them to see the movie. Now, none of our kids are very bother by on-screen scary stuff, so this is always a case-by-case decision.


  4. Reblogged this on amberdover and commented:
    I had thought of doing a media review of The Hobbit movie but “A Homeschool Mom” already did a good one so I thought I’d reblog. Now, I’ve never read the Hobbit but I am a big fan of the LOTR movies. We did allow Michael to see the Hobbit and he’s also seen the LOTR minus a few scenes we skipped through. I feel like the LOTR is more adult than The Hobbit. We watched the making of the LOTR and that took away any Orc fear Michael had. I guess it really is a case by case thing. Some of my friend’s kids would freak out if they saw an orc. Gollum was the funniest in the Hobbit and we were all excited about him. Michael does a great impression of Gollum. The Necromancer was the only scary part for me…which I’m assuming he’s Sauron before he becomes the eye. We really like dragons around here so I don’t think the dragon can be scary to any of us. Anywho, I said I wouldn’t do a review lol but we loved the movie and it was a whole new adventure with a bit of familiarity from LOTR. This is coming from a big Lord of the Rings movie fan. I have a copy of Frodo’s sword, “Sting”. Michael pointed it out in The Hobbit….”Mommy, that’s your sword!” What I really love about these movies is the fact that there is no foul language and no sexual stuff…..that’s becoming rare for even cartoons these days :(. Well, God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover


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