Winter Fresh

Clean HouseToday is our last “free day” before heading back to homeschooling on Monday. Rather than spend our weekend cleaning house, we thought we would knock it out this morning and get life back to normal (whatever that is).

I woke earlier than the rest of the gang and started getting things organized; gathering items from all over the house and piling them together. The kiddos woke a little while later and eagerly jumped in, cleaning up their room and taking down decorations.

Once all the “dust collectors” were gathered, we tackled the tree. It was quite fun, and fast, having all of us working on it together. Pop even got in on the game near the end.

I don’t do spring cleaning, I do “Back to School Cleaning” and “New Year’s Cleaning”… so, here we are!

While carefully packing away all of our Christmas cheer, the kiddos and I made sure that the rooms were dusted, vacuumed, and scrubbed to a shine. There was no stone unturned and no item not straightened.

Our house is wonderfully clean and ready for the new year. Come Monday morning, we can get down to business without having the added worry of picking up the holiday mess.

Ah, now to relax and enjoy the weekend.


12 thoughts on “Winter Fresh

  1. Loved that. I also got the stuff put away and the tree is naked, but we have to wait for the husband to help haul it out. That will be tomorrow, and that is when I will sweep and dust. And the boys can haul the crates of Christmas out to the garage. My back is killing me and all I want is my chair and a cup of tea! LOL! But I agree….I do homeschooling cleaning. Right before the term starts, we scour the house. I just can’t sit and school in a mess!! It feels good, and everything is in its place and we can focus on school. Good for you!


  2. Oh what a wonderful feeling it is to have the house back together. I absolutely love Christmas and the decorations, but it’s also nice to put it away come the new year. This year, after putting the tree up, we also rearranged the living room furniture, and I feel like I gained 10 square feet of living space!


    • Growing up, my mom changed the living room furniture (and the bedrooms) several times a year. It always helped us feel like we were in a “new home”. Unfortunately, my guy isn’t big on rearranging furniture around the house, but it is great to get things clean and perhaps look forward to some minor changes in the new year!


  3. I remember doing this every year when I was younger. We had two big cleaning days, the day after Thanksgiving before all the decorations went up, then the day after Epiphany, when the Christmas decorations came down. We still hold the same tradition (mostly) in my house now that I’m grown. The day after Thanksgiving is “clean the house spotless so we can decorate” day and the day after “Little Christmas” is “clean the house spotless since the Christmas decorations are down” day. It’s a fantastic way to prepare for a whole new year!


  4. How wonderful! We do the major cleaning and purging before Thanksgiving and then again before birthday season begins. Then, as we take things down, it is the minor-major cleaning of putting things up and dusting.


  5. Not quite yet for us! We go all the way through Christmastide to Epiphany and the Revelation to the Gentiles before we stop our outward celebration of Christ’s Immanence!

    After Monday night’s service, we will clean up bit by easy bit over the week and finish up the following weekend.

    Love your mantel clock!


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