Dad’s Night Out

About an hour ago, my hubby walked out the door to go spend some time with his buddies. Once every quarter our homeschool dads have a guys’ night out, spending time in fellowship and prayer.

It is such a blessing to know that these guys are dedicated to the needs of their family and their friends. They take the time to do a devotion, share a meal, and encourage one another.

My husband is constantly telling me how much these guys are a blessing. He appreciates knowing that he is not the only one struggling to make time for everything and balance all that life hands him. He likes knowing that these guys are praying for him and vice-versa.

It is such a pleasure for me to know that my guy has a group of buddies that are willing to spend time together, lifting each other’s needs before the Lord.

Who does your husband go to for encouragement and fellowship?

8 thoughts on “Dad’s Night Out

  1. My husband has two very close friends whom he would discuss something with, other than me. In general he gets along with a lot of his colleagues, and listening to him, they tend to discuss a lot of things, but he is very private, he won’t share very serious things with anyone other than me, or those two very close friends. His relationship with the Lord is also very private.


  2. Honestly, my boyfriend doesn’t do much for encouragement. He goes to church (sometimes) but he doesn’t really have many other dad friends. That’s been one of his big complaints. Many of the dads we know through homeschooling are 10-20 years older than him and they have nothing in common. It’s been difficult for him.


    • Oh, what a shame! I wish you guys lived closer, we would definitely make a point of trying to hook up. I know it sounds contrite, but I WILL pray that someone comes into his life and that he becomes close friends with someone. Who knows what this year may bring?


      • It doesn’t sound contrite at all! Thank you! I know he really appreciates it. He was hoping to make some close friends at church, but it’s difficult because there’s no one really close to his age and he’d really like some other dad friends. It would be fantastic if our family lived closer to yours. It seems you have such a fantastic, supportive community!


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