Real Smooth

After all the holiday eating, the sweets piling up on counters and in cupboards, we thought we would bring life back into a more healthy swing. To start off the second half of our Keepers year, the girls talked about healthy living and shared fun ideas on how to make smoothies.

Blend Away

The girls are lining up to make their fruit smoothies.

Blend Away 12

This month’s birthday girl!

Blend Away 11

Who ever thought to make bunuelos with powdered sugar, instead of cinnamon and sugar? Great combo!

Blend Away 10

My baby girl with a friend.

Blend Away 9

Can you tell they were excited?

Blend Away 8

Helping the girls to decide which type of smoothies to make.

Blend Away 7

Finishing up our fun.

Blend Away 6

Mommies are great helpers.

Blend Away 5

Nothing like sister love.

Blend Away 4

Enjoying our hard work.

Blend Away 3

Our fruit smoothies

Blend Away 2

Having fun, the girl way.

Making these smoothies was a lot of fun and a real treat. We had a blast and learned a lot about keeping our bodies (and our relationships with God) healthy.

If you happened to be interested in making some smoothies of your own, check these sites for ideas:

After all that fun, it is time to put some good food into our bodies and get in some relaxation time. After all, sleeping is a healthy habit, no?

Which type of smoothie is your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Real Smooth

  1. We like to add coconut water in place of any other liquid (we can’t do dairy)! And frozen bananas are great; they make the smoothie creamy almost like ice cream! (We peel ours when they’re too yellow, throw them into a baggie, and toss into the freezer–break off the amount needed for the next smoothie!) Hope your 2013 homeschooling is starting off super!


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