School Lunch: A Reason to Homeschool

Let's Do LunchOf all the reasons that my husband and I homeschool our children, lunches just isn’t one of them. I never stop to think I am saving my kids from cafeteria food or unhealthy additives; I simply want to be around my kids.

Due to the recent implementation of The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, I might have just found another reason to be thankful we homeschool.

“There has been a lot of fuss over school lunches recently. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 has been implemented, with a goal of providing healthier meals for students. Portions have been reduced, and age-based calorie restrictions cap out at 850 calories. Apparently a lot of students don’t like some of the new options and are tossing portions of their lunch in the trash-prompting at least one Florida school district to consider installing “trash cams” to study wasted food. There is also concern that active students – such as athletes – aren’t getting enough calories to sustain their activity level. 

Kari Beetch, a food server at a Kansas school, is quoted by The Salina Journal noting that they have to serve what they’re told to serve, ‘But the amount of food served should be based on the individual. Every kid needs different calories. You have one kid who’s muscular and athletic and another who’s a small, skinny kid and feed them the same calories. You can’t compare them.’

Perhaps it was predictable that a system built on a one-size-fits-all model for education would eventually implement a similar approach for lunch. And that’s yet another good reason for homeschooling. Not only can you individualize the academics, you can give your children a diet that works for them.”

*(Taken from Home School Enrichment, Issue #61 Jan/Feb 2013)

This is just one more reason I am thankful my children are at home. I don’t have to worry they are eating too much or too little, if they are getting enough calories, or if they like what they are being served.

It does make me wonder though… Exactly how far will the government go to usurp the responsibilities of the parents?

Why aren’t parents rising up in protest of these policies? When will parents finally start taking back their responsibilities and stop letting someone else raise their children?

The school’s job isn’t to teach the children morality, it isn’t to make sure they eat healthy and exercise, it isn’t to socialize. The purpose of public education was to make sure every child had an opportunity to learn.

Just how far will the people of America abdicate their rights, until they no longer have them?



38 thoughts on “School Lunch: A Reason to Homeschool

  1. I never thought about this, but you are so right! It would be one more thing to worry about if my kids were in school. What happened to the brown bag lunches of my youth? My mom (who worked full time as a teacher) always packed lunch for my sister and me. She controlled the quality and made the nutritional decisions. If my kids were in school, I know I would send food with them. Thankfully, we can eat lunch together at our very own table!


  2. Saw a post recently where schools would not allow sack lunches! Everyone MUST eat in the cafeteria. Makes my imagination go wild – why? What’s in that food? Are kids being given vaccinations of some sort? The conspirorist in be goes nuts! So glad we are home, too!!!


    • Some schools in Chicago no longer have this option. Parents no longer are allowed to send lunches with their children, the schools do not permit it.

      It seems some parents had the nerve to send their children to school with Coke and Flaming Hot Cheetoes; scandal (sarcasm intended)! The principal decided that her students needed better than that. She decided to enforce these new rules, with the intention of having the children drink milk and eat more veggies.

      While I commend her for trying to do right by her students, I think she overstepped her bounds and went about solving the problem the wrong way. She has no right to tell her students what they can and can’t eat.

      However, one could argue… If you are going to put your kid in the “system”, you have to live with the “system’s” rules. THIS is why we don’t.

      As for what’s in the food? Probably nothing harmful; it is enough for them to have control, they need nothing more.


  3. You said, “When will parents finally start taking back their responsibilities and stop letting someone else raise their children?”
    AMEN! Parents can hardly complain about their children’s behavior if they are letting the world system raise them. Sometimes I think we, as parents and Americans, need to take a good hard look at how much time we spend teaching or better yet, modeling good behavior for our children. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your blog.


  4. Sadly, the public school system, for a lot of people, has turned into what’s been called a “glorified babysitting service”. What’s even sadder is that these days, in some schools, that isn’t too far from the truth. 😦 Too many parents are checking out on purpose. I think that part is the saddest of them all…


  5. This is just another beautiful example of how homeschooling helps prepare children for the future. My daughters can cook and make shopping lists and know how to clip coupons. They eat veggies because we grow them in our garden and they work for them. If they were in school all day, they would miss seeing all the work that goes into preparing a healthy meal -and because they are home all day, it’s not just breakfast and dinner, but every meal and every snack.

    The ‘system’ is a scary thing to look at from the perspective of homeschooling parents who can give so much to their children. As a former public school teacher, school, for many children, is the only place to get a hot meal; the only place where there is an adult who cares for them. I keep those children and teachers in my prayers always!


    • You’re absolutely correct! I feel for those children and the teachers. Most teachers are decent people, with a heart for the children.
      Having family in the system, I know that they would love to do more, but their hands are tied.


  6. “The school’s job isn’t to teach the children morality, it isn’t to make sure they eat healthy and exercise, it isn’t to socialize. The purpose of public education was to make sure every child had an opportunity to learn.”

    I totally agree, especially with “the purpose of public education *was*…” The school system doesn’t even teach children to learn anymore. Sure, it gives them knowledge, but it hardly teaches them to think critically, or to be the most intelligent version of themselves that they can be.

    Wonderful post!


  7. Completely off the subject, but not really–do any of you ever wonder WHO your homeschooled daughters (or sons) will marry in today’s society!!!??? It’s atrocious out there!!!!! Scares me to death. They’ll have these great brains, great moral grounding, motivation, care, concern, hopefully attachment to families–all for who? Somebody who couldn’t carry their lunch to school? Whose parents were happy they were at school all day and had an after school activity? Somebody who sat completely bored and unstimulated in math, reading, and science? Somebody who wants the government to dictate their learnings and leanings?


    • I don’t find that off topic at all! It is a very valid point.

      I firmly believe that the Lord has already asked me to start praying for my children’s future spouses. I pray for their safety, for their education, their family, and just about everything else. I don’t know what God has in store for my kids, but He does.


    • I do not think it is off topic either but I would like to remind us all about the power of God as a redeemer. That publicly educated, publicly feed, poorly educated, child has a chance and may be perfect for my child with the right guidance, will, and discipline later on. That is their journey for a reason. (I’m glad not the road for my children.) Many of us were probably in same or similar situations and we have changed. So I try not to fret and put my faith and trust in God, knowing that He is the best knower and will continue to provide my children with, and when, precisely what they need.


      • Your comment is on point.

        God is truly a redeemer, and many of those children will one day be saved (born-again). I’m a rare single (divorced) mother who homeschools, and over the last 6 1/2 years, my son attended public school for 9 sporadic months. At the time, I was stressed and distressed over it, but God has used those experiences to teach my son, who now appreciates being homeschooled.

        Through his experiences, my boy (now a teen) developed great compassion and empathy for public school children — especially those who are teased and bullied. God also blessed him with a deeper level of discernment between right and wrong, good and evil. On February 15, 2012, he got down on his knees and accepted the Spirit of God, with no prompting from me, but a sincere desire to be saved.

        Another good thing that came out of the experience is that God showed me how to make a living from home and become totally God-sufficient (some would call it self sufficient) while homeschooling. In the past, I had even homeschooled through homelessness, while living in a homeless shelter. With God, all things remain possible — because Jesus remains the same.

        Hallelujah, glory, and thank you to the One who has all wisdom!


      • Oh, Phyllis; what a touching story! You really ought to write a few blogs on how the Lord used each of these situations and what He taught you. I would love to read more and to learn from your experiences.
        Pray about it; the Lord could use it mightily!


  8. Even when my kids were in public school, I always packed a lunch for them. Once my oldest two were in high school, the school sort of took a dislike to having kids pack their lunch, and said they could have it, but had to keep it in their lockers. No refrigeration would be allowed…As a side note, when they brought the drug dogs in, my sons lockers “set off” the dog due to the food. Their belongings were torn out of their lockers, thrown on the floor, and left there as if they had done something wrong. I am so thankful that although many rights have been taken away, I have the right and privilege of homeschooling my children.


  9. I was raised very “European” and never had heavy meals at night. Home schooling allowed me to continue this tradition, and we, as a family, eat our largest meal at noon. This often requires me to prepare the evening before, but that is easier than trying to cram meal preparation into a busy school afternoon. And – we preferred going to the park!

    Between the bread machine and the crock pot – our lunch times were wonderful. Sigh . . . my baby is twenty years old. You ladies make me long for our home schooling days ( I think my kids do too – they say their childhood’s were idyllic – not like the real world they are in now.)

    About future mates for your home schooled kids – the best thing I can recommend is that you attend your local and regional (if possible) home school conventions. You have the best chance of meeting “like-minded” families there. This was the one area that I did not follow through on – to my GREAT regret. And please – watch out for your church youth groups and camps. Your 14 year old home schooled daughter can learn how to give oral sex during youth group or camp from the daughter of that nice couple at church who thinks that their “saved” kids are being “salt and light” in the government school system. One young man of my acquaintance was given his first drugs on the bus home from church camp. The nice lady driving the bus had no idea. He did not get free of drugs for another 10 years. He also told me that drugs were worse in the “Christian” high-school because parents sent their troubled kids there after they were expelled from public school.


    • I’ve heard similar stories about “Christian” high schools in my city; troubled, expelled kids often attend, and their parents often aren’t Christians. Kids aren’t spiritually strong enough to be salt and light at government schools, and those who do thrive there do so by the grace of God.


    • I would have to agree with you whole heartedly. I was part of the youth group at my church and saw WAY too much. I had acquaintances who would sneak off and be intimate in their parent’s car, during service at church!
      Going to church isn’t a guarantee that your kids are believers or that their friends are. As soon as our kids are old enough to comprehend a lesson (for us it is sixth grade), our kids are pulled from children’s ministry and they sit with us.
      When our children are morally, mentally, and spiritually strong enough to handle what the world throws at them, then they can be the light and salt.


      • Your decision to keep your preteens with you during Bible study and service is a very, very good plan. I can’t tell you everything I’ve seen (and my kids as well) but suffice it so say that I wish I had been that wise 30 years ago. I was so busy playing the piano for everyone at every service and function – my head was spinning.

        My adult children affirm that youth group is dangerous – even in a smallish Baptist church like we attended. I did not grow up in a Christian home – so I basically was a newbie. I had no idea. When we first started home schooling – it was illegal! One mother of four I know was arrested for truancy!

        But as to the spiritual maturity of our children, there is Scriptural and scientific evidence to support the avoidance of youth group, church camp, and ALL government school exposure.

        All through the Old Testament Law – no one was allowed to make an offering for sin – until the age of 20. Additionally – no one was counted in a census until 20, nor could they serve in the military. Also recall – that after the Hebrews had balked in fear of the giants, they were condemned to wander in the “wilderness of sin” for 40 years until the “evil” generation had died. But not the ones under 20!
        28 Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in Mine ears, so will I do to you:

        29 Your carcases shall fall in this wilderness; and all that were numbered of you, according to your whole number, from twenty years old and upward which have murmured against me.

        30 Doubtless ye shall not come into the land, concerning which I sware to make you dwell therein, save Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun.

        31 But your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, them will I bring in, and they shall know the land which ye have despised.

        32 But as for you, your carcases, they shall fall in this wilderness. Num.14:28-32

        It is now known that the human brain does not finish developing until 20. The pre-frontal cortex is explained here – the following article will help anyone understand why their teens and preteens can look and sound like adults – yet act so irrationally. Tragically – this is the age where most home school parents lose their will – and move their teens into public school.

        True science will ALWAYS support scripture, which is the perfect, inspired, Word of God. Amen. Thank you, Jesus. The practice ritualized sanctioning of 13 year old’s as “adults” into the church body (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Jewish etc.) is the doctrine of men. It is not Biblical.


  10. I always worried about what my kids ate when they weren’t with me. Especially my boy because he is a growing preteen and his appetite has grown a lot so I know that whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner he’s having second and third helpings. I worry that he can’t do that at school even when I send extra money for him to pay for extras. I find him getting off the bus and going straight to the kitchen to eat. I don’t worry about the girls because they are home schooled so I know exactly what they’re getting. I am however concerned for other kids as well. I don’t understand why the Government is sticking their noses into things like school lunch menus when they should focus on things like homeless people, abused children, creating more jobs, etc… School is to educate! Let us PARENTS worry about OUR children’s HEALTH…. but that’s just me.


  11. Excellent post! And excellent comments also. I started looking into school lunches when my 3rd. grader begin to develop a weight problem. We realized she was eating ice cream **3 ** times a day. I have nothing (AT ALL) against ice cream – but really? Since home schooling both girls weight is perfectly normal. I love Jamie Olivers- “Food Revolution” He is on a crusade to educate the public school systems on health and nutrition. Congratulations on a beautifully written post!


  12. You should write something about the “teenage curfews” in our cities. The general public is getting conditioned to LOTS of government control. Food is so basic. General education is so basic. Let’s take it home!


  13. “Exactly how far will the government go to usurp the responsibilities of the parents?”

    Most of the time they need not go far at all. You can’t usurp the responsibility when it’s willfully handed over. Great article!


  14. Oh I hated cafeteria food! I was so glad when my parents started packing me a lunch. My Dad was very sweet and wrote me love notes each day. It’s like packing me a lunch was his calling lol. I was also thankful when they could pick me up and I didn’t have to ride a bus. Scary things happened on the bus…even in a small town…..the scary yellow box where you can’t run from the bullies or hearing dirty jokes/ seeing dirty things. Michael just doesn’t know how well he has it :).


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