A new movie made its debut at the theatre almost a year ago, but it wasn’t until recently that it came to my attention.

Monumental is the newest work to be put out by Kirk Cameron. Here he focuses our attention on the state of the union and the problems therein. We are encouraged to delve deeper into US History and learn the foundations our country was built upon, in order to positively affect the future.

This film is reminiscent of The Wall Builders series which my husband and I have shown to our children. While Wall Builders shows the history of our country and the beliefs of our founders, Monumental proceeds to take that a step further and explain how we have diverted from our original intent.

Just having recently discovered this awesome film, I am excited to hunt it down and own it for myself. Our church is doing a showing of the film in February, but I would like a personal copy.

I can’t help but think that this movie is going to be a wonderful addition to our homeschooling library and an excellent resource for learning. There is so much history to be learned, politics to be explored, and world views to discuss.

Have you seen Monumental? What did you think of the film?

5 thoughts on “Monumental

  1. I truly value Kirk Cameron’s work and evangelistic efforts, but I’m afraid that this movie only skims the surface, and focuses on a very idealistic version of American history. So many Christian patriots are faithful to an America that ceased to exist in the 1800’s. As soon as the Federal Reserve Board was established – our country was no longer our own – but rather – became the “cash crop,” of sinister central bankers.

    Consider that every country in the Middle East and Northern Africa (Arab Spring nations) that have had a “despot” forcibly removed from power – now ALL have a central bank, staffed by CFR members. Even the architecture so beautifully featured in the “Monumental” film is pagan – such as the “Washington Monument” (Egyptian Phallic Obelisk) or the Capitol Building ( Womb of Osirus.)

    I’m afraid this movie is not very pleasant – but it is the truth nonetheless –

    For an introduction to the true nature of our country’s symbols –


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