An Artistic Expression of Love

Valentine Cards

You can look, Tia Nene; these aren’t the ones we made for you! (girls giggling)

It has been quite some time since the kiddos and I dug out our art supplies and made a few cards. We passed right over Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years! Sometimes life just seems so busy, working yet another activity into the plans is a major event.

This week, we decided it was time to put on our thinking caps, forget the amounts of mess we were going to create, and just go for it!

We made Valentine cards for several different people, each one receiving a unique and specially made token of our devotion.

I had completely forgotten how many Valentine stamps we have collected over the last several years. It might not seem like many to dedicated crafters, but we were almost up to ten different stamps specifically designed for letters of love. Valentine Cards 2

Among all those stamps, however, you would think I’d have one that simply says, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, but no! It seems we were so busy grabbing cute stamps of robots in love, doves with pretty notes, and other such loveliness, that we completely forgot the obvious!

We made do with what we had, but one sure would have come in handy. We finally found one stamp that said, “Love”; we used that one quite a bit.

What originally was scheduled for taking no more than one hour (who am I kidding, right?), ended up taking two hours. It seems we were having far too much fun indulging in the arts.

Valentine Cards 3After our lovely cards were completed, we made sure to practice our letter writing skills and wrote notes in each one.

Today, while running our usual Thursday errands, a quick stop at Michael’s proved to be productive. Not only did we get the items needed for tomorrow’s classes (Spring Co-op is upon us), but we managed to rummage through the sale items from Valentine’s Day. (Already, can you imagine?)

We found some adorable stamps on clearance! One stamp was a must have… “Happy Valentine’s Day”! There were others too cute to pass up as well. We found a lace heart, a jar of hearts, a cupcake with a heart, and a few others.

I particularly bought three as they seemed quite diverse and could be used on more than just a Valentine’s project. (Mainly the jar, the cupcake, and one with a key.) If something can be used for more than one purpose, I am all for it. Valentine Stamps

While most of our new stamps are all but useless until next year, it is great to know they are here when we need them. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we got an awesome deal!

Crafting is once again taking a backseat, starting tomorrow. Our calendar is picking up with incredible speed. It does look as if things should clear up right around Easter though, just in time to make more cards. Won’t that be lovely?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

11 thoughts on “An Artistic Expression of Love

  1. I’m jealous! It feels like forever since I’ve had a good hour, nonetheless two, for crafting. The cards look gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the lovely ones sent my way!


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