Spring Co-op: Week 1

Today was the first week of our Spring Co-op. The day was a busy one, but well worth the effort.

Co-op: Week 1 (1 of 4) Co-op: Week 1 (2 of 4) Co-op: Week 1 (3 of 4) Co-op: Week 1 (4 of 4)

This season I am teaching origami, which the boys are pretending to dislike, but secretly they enjoy. Unfortunately, “T” is the only girl in the class and she is not liking it one bit. She is liking her second course though, woodworking.

This season she will be learning to make a chessboard, which will be a welcome addition to the current collection we already own. She is having a great time learning and, frankly, is doing as good a job as most the older kids.

My other girlies are taking a PE course and an art course, which they are having loads of fun with as well.

It will be wonderful to see all their lovely projects when they are finished.

(For those wondering which classes the boy is taking… today he opted to stay home with Pop and play board games. Should he decide to join us next week, he will be taking a PE course as well and a sign language class.)

Our girls are very excited about playing chess with their pop. Do your children play?


7 thoughts on “Spring Co-op: Week 1

  1. Spring? Yikes, we just got another three inches of snow! LOL My son likes chess particularly, the girls not as much (they prefer artistic pursuits) He is ruthless! 🙂


  2. Neat classes :). Our group isn’t a co-op so we haven’t had any classes. Michael used to play chess with his Dad & remembered where everything went. He lost interest though. I’ve never been able to remember the strategy though I was taught as a kid.


  3. All my kiddos have been taught the basics of chess, but none of them have taken to it. We did re-discover card games when Blizzard Nemo came through. Our co-op starts up again next week, after a two week unintended hiatus! Your co-op sounds a bit more relaxed than ours. There are times when I wish for that! Like the night before when I realize I haven’t prepared for my class. :0


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