Calico Ghost Town

Our homeschool support group decided to take a long trek into the desert and visit the Calico Ghost Town. It seems a Civil War Reenactment was taking place, so it was the perfect time to visit.

The family headed out into the wilderness for an afternoon of fun, joined by my mother and our awesome support group.

Calico Ghost Town 1 Calico Ghost Town 24 Calico Ghost Town 23 Calico Ghost Town 22 Calico Ghost Town 21 Calico Ghost Town 20 Calico Ghost Town 19 Calico Ghost Town 18 Calico Ghost Town 17 Calico Ghost Town 16 Calico Ghost Town 15 Calico Ghost Town 14 Calico Ghost Town 13 Calico Ghost Town 12 Calico Ghost Town 11 Calico Ghost Town 10 Calico Ghost Town 9 Calico Ghost Town 8 Calico Ghost Town 7

Calico Ghost Town 6

Aren’t these little things cute? They are socks turned into little coin purses for kids! Going to have to add this to the list of “to do’s” for the summer!

Calico Ghost Town 5 Calico Ghost Town 4 Calico Ghost Town 3 Calico Ghost Town 2

This trip was a long drive, but it was a fun adventure for the family. We had never visited Calico before and it was fun to learn some of the history of our state.

I find it amazing how the Lord works out even the smallest details. I plan out our year according to His leading, but I have no control over our support group’s field trips. He orchestrated this event so well, it came at the end of a unit study on rock classification. It was perfect timing to visit a mine and get some hands on experience. “T” has just finished up a geography unit on states which took part in the Civil War.

This field trip was definitely a blessing on all counts! We were able to touch some of the geodes we had just been learning about, take a tour through a mining town, learn some state history, AND learn more about the Civil War.

I call this a highly successful homeschooling day and a wonderful family adventure.


4 thoughts on “Calico Ghost Town

  1. That’s so cool! I lived at Fort Irwin for 3 years when my husband was stationed there! Yermo and Calico is the setting of my first novel! I miss the desert so much, I can’t wait to go back there. I met the Lord in the desert, it holds a dear place in my heart!


  2. Who, seems like a fun day! My friend does reenactment (not civil war though) and I’ve always thought it would be a great idea to take the children (my younger brothers and sisters) along one time as part of their lessons. I am going to try turning socks into coin purses! We have a HUGE pile of odd socks, some of which have been waiting years and years. We found baby girl socks in their the other day and the youngest girl is six!
    I think your blog is really neat.


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