Spring Co-op: Week 2

Week 2, OrigamiToday was our second meeting of co-op (even though it is technically not spring yet). I wish I could say the day was filled with fun, but it was slightly a disappointment.

We started off with devotion, which is always a blessing, then headed to our classes.

Oh, boy! I don’t think I have seen a bunch of junior high boys complain quite so much as when they were “forced” to do origami! (chuckling) They couldn’t seem to figure out which direction the paper was folded or how to follow the directions. They really didn’t want to be there!

In our wood working class, we had the opportunity to stain our chess board. Poor “T” spent almost the entire class time taping off her squares, so that when she stained the board her lines would be just right. Unfortunately, the sponges we used to stain the board were hard as a rock and moved the tape she had worked so hard on. So, it looks like we are going to have some bleed lines. Now we are trying to Google ideas on how to remove unwanted stain… any suggestions?

“N” and “Mouse” had a PE class in which they were asked to sit on the grass. “N” forgot to mention to the teacher that she is allergic to grass, so she was itching all morning.

So… it looks like we all learned a great deal of patience and long-suffering today. (smiling)

To top it all off, we were short helpers, so I didn’t have anyone available to snap some pics of the “fun morning”. I clicked what I could, but it sure wasn’t many.

Oh, well. We all have off days. Perhaps next week will be better!

(The one shining beacon of light in my day was stopping by the store for brand new pillows! I can’t wait to climb into bed this evening, forget all about today’s craziness and enjoy my new pillow, smelling of lovely laundry soap.)


3 thoughts on “Spring Co-op: Week 2

  1. Co-op has been a blessing and a frustration at times. I would love to have a class full of eager, attentive students who are excited about the subject! Fortunately there are those times when the light goes off for someone or I get a small encouraging note. God knows just when I need those.


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