What New Thing Did You Learn Today?

Tia Nene w/ KidsDuring her recent visit, my sister-in-law asked the kiddos an important question; one that sparked something in the forefront of my brain… “What new thing did you learn today?”

She explained, if I remember correctly (please feel free to amend if I don’t, Nene), that she knew of a family in which this question was asked daily. When the father joined them for dinner each evening, they were asked to share one new thing they had learned during the day.

Not only did this encourage open conversation, but inspired the children to actively find something about which to communicate. If the children hadn’t learned anything of note in their formal studies, they energetically set about searching for one!

This question is one I truly appreciate and believe, from this point forward, will continue to be implemented in our daily living.

To encourage our children, I believe we adults should also participate! Learning something new everyday should not be relegated to only the young; we too ought to continually be seeking to expand our minds and add those precious “wrinkles” on our brains.

Whether it is menial or monumental, adding knowledge and wisdom to our lives is never a waste.

What new thing did you learn today?


18 thoughts on “What New Thing Did You Learn Today?

  1. To start the conversation going, I had a lovely talk with my father-in-law today about roses. I learned how to cultivate the soil, prep the plots, and when to plant. (This is going to be my family’s project for the coming week! Rose bushes, here we come!)


  2. Today I learned all about gecko locomotion! They have millions of little setae on their feet that have amazing adhesive capabilities. Scientists in reptile locomotion and robotics are working on replicating the setae. Fascinating for conversation with my 5 year old lizard-lover. Great post 🙂


  3. Today I learned that even 4 1/2 foot fence won’t keep a 1000lb Longhorn cow going from where it really wants or doesn’t want to be, such as being loaded on a trailer.

    I love this question and plan on incorporating it into our evenings as well. Thanks!


  4. I learned that setting an alarm for me to go to bed, is just as important as the one to wake me up. I have a tendency to stay up too late! With the two alarms, I now have that extra little push to make me get to bed at a decent hour! Which means – I will be turning off my computer at 9:55 pm, which is in two minutes. So – goodnight! It’s off to my bubble bath and my latest book –


  5. This a great idea for dragging our “school” out of the winter doldrums! The challenge of finding something new we’ve learned adds an element of excitement to what we’re learning. Thanks for this idea. I’m going to make up a mini-poster with these words so we have a visual reminder,


  6. I learned how to easily sew a welt pocket and how to get great points on collars. It’s Sew Easy on PBS has been a great find! I also learned how to message someone on facebook. The useful right alongside the frivolous.


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