Doing Hard Things

Do Hard ThingsWhile this book has been out for several years now, it took some time before it actually hit my library cart. I found Do Hard Thingsby Alex and Brett Harris, a refreshing redirection of thought for those coming up on adulthood.

In their book, Do Hard Things, the Harris brothers encourage and inspire those of their generation (and those to come) to not only meet the standard set before them, but to blow it out of the water.

Young adults are asked to put the views of their peers behind them and rally around a new mindset….

It is not enough to numbly pass through high school, to put the responsibility of their future upon someone else’s shoulders, or to watch others serve whilst they do nothing. No! The young people of today, the future of tomorrow, need to step up and start tackling responsibility now.

The book systematically walks the reader (which they are assuming is a young person) through steps towards changing not only their actions, but their views on life. They are encouraged to move forward, to fearlessly lead, and to never stop achieving.

Too many of our youth today have become lazy. Too many are turning off their minds the minute school is over or they are no longer required to participate.

What about all those children who take ten high school courses, play five sports, or are involved in three community service projects, you ask? They are few and far between and for those who do exist, burnout it quickly coming.

Do Hard Things helps explain what true achievement is all about. It isn’t about getting a better job, making more money, or the attaining the ideal of “success”. No, true achievement is about doing hard things to bring about glory to God.

We are not encouraged to do hard things for our own benefit or glory, but to humbly point out Who gives us the strength to achieve. We are not inspired to move forward because we simply wish to be in charge, but because our leading will help others to follow suit and gain a greater knowledge of Him.

More and more, as my children grow older, I find myself repeating this mantra to them…. Do the hard things!

Do not avoid the difficult tasks, the tedious responsibilities, or the ideas that seem out of reach. Do not allow someone to tell you it can’t be done, not even yourself! Do not be lazy, irresponsible, or purposefully blind.

Find what needs to be done and set about making it happen. If the Lord has set a task before you, let nothing stand in your way or push you back; keep moving forward until you reach your goal.

I want my children to not only be willing to do the hard things placed before them, but to actively seek them out and conquer. For when my children succeed at the seemingly impossible, they bring a greater glory and honor to the One who gives them their strength.

If there is one criticism which has been made regarding Do Hard Things, it is this; no where does it mention the hardest achievement of all… being good! If there is one task which should be sought out above all others, it is the purposeful living of a truly good life.

In defense of the authors, perhaps the assumption is that readers are already Christian and, therefore, ought to be aware of this factor. Perhaps the Harris brothers wished to merely pick up where the basics should already be in place?

Either way, having read this interesting book (incidentally written by two homeschooled brothers who are now college students) I am excited to pass it along to my oldest girl. “T” is quickly approaching young adulthood and I believe this will be yet another instrumental piece of the puzzle.

Have you read, Do Hard Things? What were your views on the Harris brothers’ thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Doing Hard Things

  1. It’s an awesome thing when you receive that reaffirmation in the small things. I just finished explaining to my 1st grader this same concept today ” do the tuff stuff, stop trying to wiggle your way into the comfortable spot!” She laughed and later said to me ” the hard stuff is good!”

    I think it’s a great start, retraining our minds to go for the challenge 🙂


  2. We loved reading this book recently with our homeschool association! It was a wonderful wake-up call for kids and teens: adolescence is a mind-set. Teens are fully capable of doing hard things!


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