Spring Co-op: Week 3

Today was yet another Spring Co-op session. We had much more fun, but just as many complications as last week! (laughing)

It seems quite a few of our families were out sick, resulting in a loss of many students. My class had a total of two students today! Much more hands on assistance for them?

We pulled together and sure enough got things moving, but, wow, was it a challenge.

“T” and I came up with a game plan for her chess board and are very excited to see the end results. We’ll make sure to show you her finished product.

“N” made sure to stay off the grass this week and is feeling just fine. She and “Mouse” had a wonderful time.

Little man was dragged along to co-op, seeing as he needed the exercise and to get out of the house. He had a blast and got to run around with all the fellas.

I was still only able to snap a few pics this week, seeing as we were short-staffed and running around like mad. The kids did have a blast though, which makes it all worth while.

Week 3, Pic 1

Spanish Boxes

Week 3, Pic 2

Paper Mache

Week 3, Pic 3


Week 3, Pic 4

Wood Shop

Week 3, Pic 5

Messy Work


Co-op was followed up by park day, but only two of our families decided to join in; mine and another friend. That didn’t stop us though! We had a blast and enjoyed the beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon.

Now, I have a pile of items on my desk awaiting my perusal. I’d best get to gettin’ and then enjoy my night.

We are topping off our busy day by having some kiddos over tonight. Their parents are going on a much-needed date night! Hooray for them; they deserve it!


One thought on “Spring Co-op: Week 3

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about complications. My mom was one of the women who ran our homeschool group’s co-op, so I got to hear all about when a teacher was sick and they had to scramble to get a sub, etc. So much fun! /sarcasm


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