The Princess & The Kiss

The Princess & The KissYears ago, my family was introduced to a wonderful book. It was girlie, it was cute, and it helped instill the value of keeping oneself pure.

The Princess & The Kiss is a delightful book which has entertained my girls ever since we were given this beautiful gift and it continues to minister to them even today.

The Princess & The Kiss tells the story of a young princess who is courted by many men. Each seeks to show her how wonderful he is, only to prove how unworthy a suitor stands before her.

With each passing man, the princess reaffirms her kiss be saved. Through much prayer and seeking, the princess finally finds the man who is deserving of her kiss and in the most  unlikely of places!

There is so much I appreciate about this lovely story. I respect the author’s careful observation of those men who were wrong for the princess and what specifically she should look for. I valued the constant reminders that her kiss was of utmost value and should be saved. I was thankful the princess and her parents had such a close bond; a loving relationship was showed and appreciated.

My girls enjoy having their pop read this story to them. He is hilarious when he does voices for each character. He makes it a fun read, while keeping the focus where it belongs.

When my girls were very little, we were content with merely reading the story. I think it must have been read at least once a night for the first few months and, even now, it is pulled down from its place on the shelf to delight us again and again.

Now that a few of my girls are maturing into young ladies, I think we are ready for the next step. The Princess & The Kiss has a life lessons booklet which accompanies the story; guiding both mother and daughter in helpful conversations which reaffirm the foundational principle of purity.

I am excited to be able to share this time with my daughters, helping them better understand why they should respect themselves and the gift of their first “kiss”. I am excited to share with them the blessings of a rightly chosen spouse and a Godly marriage.

While being courted and thinking about marriage might seem a long way off, it is never too early to start teaching the principle of purity. Even the littlest of girls can begin by knowing which characteristics make a good man and which should be shunned.

How in-depth we choose to take the conversation will depend on the Lord’s leading and each child’s maturity, but on some level each child can still be taught the foundations.

I admire how one group of ladies took the idea of life lessons and created a Princess & The Kiss club! Each young lady was accompanied by her mother. In group, they discussed various topics about how the Lord wanted them to view not only their bodies, but the idea of marriage.

Upon completion of the life lessons, each young lady was presented with a certificate and necklace, complete with charm box. In each box was a diamond, given by her parents. The diamond represented her kiss. The ideal was for her to keep her diamond sealed in the charm box until she should become engaged. Then, and only then, would the diamond be removed from the necklace and given to her fiance to be used in her wedding ring.

Isn’t that a beautiful idea?! Not only will that little lady remember her special time with her mother, but be given a special gift which is a visual reminder of her lessons.

I think I will begin these lessons with my oldest girl this summer and see how things progress. I look forward to the time we will spend together and the lessons we will share.

At what age did you start discussing purity with your children?

18 thoughts on “The Princess & The Kiss

  1. We attended/participated in a tea, featuring this book at our church a couple years back. The speaker was a young lady who was saved her kiss for her wedding day! Life has been busy – I should pull it out again! Out oldest daughter is nearly 10 now. 🙂 We have this book and I purchased two coloring books (we have 2 girls) for it as well – which is wonderful for the younger ages.


  2. I’ve never heard of this book, but it sounds like it’d be perfect for my little 6 yr old girl.

    My dad was the one who talked things over with me all the time. He encouraged my questions and helped me think through the answers myself instead of just telling me what he wanted me to do. I remember from about age 10 having a very strong desire to be able to RESPECT the guys I knew. I was often disappointed. There were dangerous guys, gross guys, boring guys, and childish guys, but not very many worth respecting. Not finding much to respect in those guys kept me from pursuing them or encouraging them to pursue me. Made for a few slightly angsty teen years (I wanted to be kissed like everybody else!), but in the end, God made sure my paths crossed with a young man who was on a search for a girl worth respecting–and he found that girl in me. We met, we courted, we married young and we’re celebrating 9 years of marriage, plus 5 kids this year.

    And you know, I had my ideas about purity but I still feel I have a lot to learn.


  3. I adore this book. My Dad brought it home from a homeschool conference when I was around eleven. He said that I was a bit old for picture books, but he thought I’d like it. The day he first read it to me was the day I committed to saving my first kiss for my wedding day. Even though I’m eighteen now, Dad and I still occasionally read it together.


  4. I have 3 boys, but I’m glad you shared. I start teaching my children about their bodies from day one. I think my oldest we started around age 3 talking about purity. We were expecting again and he had questions about where babies come from. He continues to ask questions, and I hope that never stops. I think he will ask when he is ready. His last question was a little more difficult to find a way of answering to his level of understanding and remaining innocent for his 6 year old ears. But I think knowledge is power. I will try to give my children as much power to remain pure as I can in the short time they are in my home. This same 6 year old decided on his own to save his lip kisses for his wife a couple of years ago. My other 2 boys are at the beginning of their purity lessons still, and I can see they will need a totally different approach.


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