The Squire & The Scroll

The Squire & The ScrollBeing the OCD maniac I am (I did mention I was OCD, right?), I couldn’t very well purchase a lovely book (The Princess & The Kiss) for my girls and not get something for my guy, now could I?

Thankfully, Warner Press knew there were ladies like me in the world. Ladies who wished to help their sons overcome temptation and live righteously. So, with us in mind, they gladly published The Squire & The Scroll

In The Squire & The Scroll a young squire must overcome obstacles and enticement in order to seek out a stolen treasure belonging to his kingdom. He does so by using a scroll given to him by his parents, which guides him on his journey.

Little man really likes reading this story and hearing about the evil creature who stole the treasured item. He also likes the important role the scroll plays in defeating the enemy.

Mommy likes this story because it encourages my guy to be faithful to a commitment and to not waver in his decisions. It teaches wisdom, prudence, and humility.

Like The Princess & The KissThe Squire & The Scroll has a Life Lessons Booklet to help our son gain a better grasp of the underlying themes in the book. While our son is a bit young to work through it at this point, I have his tucked away with additional homeschooling materials we have yet to crack open.

There is a pretty neat certificate once the Life Lessons have been completed. At one time there was a watch to commemorate the lessons learned. (I am currently having a hard time finding the watch, it seems they are no longer making them?)

I would be interested to know if any of your children have finished the Life Lessons. Did they enjoy the lessons? Were they of benefit?

6 thoughts on “The Squire & The Scroll

  1. I LOVE these books! They’re so, so good. I don’t think that ours came with the Life Lessons booklet; I would have to ask my mom. Regardless, the books are an incredible resource and I can’t wait to read them to my kids someday.


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