Spring Co-op: Week 5

Well, another week of co-op is under our belt and what loads of fun we had! Our chess board is just about done, our art projects are completed, and origami proved to be a greater success than I thought possible.

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 1

The origami class

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 2

Art Class

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 3

Bunny Boxes from Origami

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 4

Finishing up our paper mache

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 5

Life Lessons for the high school students; balancing a checkbook, setting up a savings account, and applying for a job.

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 6

Playing in the sun

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 7

The little ones enjoying free play.

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 8

Chess boards are almost complete!

Spring Co-op: Week 5, 9

Having fun with woodshop.

We have one more week of Spring Co-op and then our calendars will be significantly more clear. But oh how we’ll miss getting together for some good, fun learning.


7 thoughts on “Spring Co-op: Week 5

  1. looks like your co-op is a great resource for fellowship and learning both : ) do you have any tips on how to find a local co-op if you are not sure where to start? I think it would be good for me and the boys to be in one. : )


    • I would contact your state homeschool organization and ask them for a listing of local support groups. In California, our group is called CHEA (California Home Educators Association). I am sure each state has something along those lines.
      If you can’t locate your state organization, try HSLDA. They often have listings or ideas on how to find a group!
      Best wishes on finding the right fit for you and the boys!


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