A Bit of Colored Ribbon

Continuing our theme of fabric flowers, this week in Keepers we thought we would try making flowers out of ribbon!

While the activity ought to have been fairly simple and straight forward, we soon realized there were a couple of adjustments to be made.

We learned that Elmer’s Glue DOES NOT WORK for this type of activity. Definitely spring for some Tacky Glue (hot glue doesn’t work when having little children doing hands-on crafts). Luckily we found some Tacky Glue.

We learned that paperclips were a big help in holding items waiting to dry. This wasn’t in the initial plan, but we quickly adapted it for our use. From that point on, thing went more smoothly.

Lastly, this reconfirmed some of what we are going to cover next year. While projects are fun, sometimes taking things back to the basics is necessary. Some of our littler girls need more scissor practice and almost all of our girls need an introduction to a thread and needle. Next year, we are going to simplify a lot of our activities and focus on foundations.

Meanwhile, here is a glance at our project of the week. We had loads of fun, even if there were a few glitches.

Ribbon Fun (1) Ribbon Fun (2) Ribbon Fun (3) Ribbon Fun (4) Ribbon Fun (5) Ribbon Fun (6)

Next month we are going to be saying goodbye to one of our girls. Her family is going to be moving to Texas. While we are sorry to see her go, we are sure this is where the Lord is leading. Our final meeting with them should be loads of fun!

5 thoughts on “A Bit of Colored Ribbon

  1. Little girls and ribbons! It makes my heart crunch. I’ve been reorganizing my sewing room, and my frilly things are all nicely corralled now. I think you would appreciate it with your OCD. 😀


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