Silence is Golden

Little FeetA friend once commented that my house is frequently a “quiet zone”, meaning I don’t have constant noise running in the background. I don’t know that I had ever thought of this before, but she’s absolutely correct!

It’s not that we don’t listen to music or never have the television on while doing something else, it just isn’t a regular in our world. I doubt there was a lot of thought put into the decision, it just seemed like the natural course of events.

The more I think on the topic, I confess there are some valid reasons for having our home be a “quiet zone”.

My children are easily distracted by outside noise (and so am I). One of the few downsides to being OCD, is that my brain functions on all cylinders all the time. Having additional noise entering my ears is overkill. My kids tend to function the same way. While we are homeschooling, we tend to keep the external noises to a minimum. Having a “quiet zone” during formal learning helps my kids’ brains to function better and focus on the task at hand.

My children use their own creativity. My children are very creative. They invent stories, write plays, internalize their lessons through play, and create their own games. If media was constantly being put in front of them or pumped into their heads, I wonder how much time they would spend being imaginative.

My children make their own noise! With four children running around my house (and frequently more), I don’t know that additional commotion is necessary. Even when they aren’t running around just being loud, they are often singing on their own or playing some type of instrument. Again, if music or television were constantly available, I wonder how much of their own noise I would be missing. I enjoy hearing them!

Yes, my family does listen to music. Yes, we do watch movies. It just isn’t round-the-clock. Our “quiet zone” of a house is the perfect place for us; where we can let our imaginations do the talking and our creativity soar.

Trust me, there are days (especially since my guy has recently rediscovered his love for his awesome electric guitar) that the sounds never seem to stop. There are times when my children purposefully pull out their favorite CD’s and spend the afternoon lying on their backs, staring at the ceiling. Even more frequently are the moments when we all get up and groove to a family favorite which happens to be playing on some device.

Over all though, our house is pretty quiet. Which, to this mom, is golden!


18 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. I’m totally going to start using that phrase! “It’s a ‘quiet zone’ in 5 minutes. Get you’re crazy out while you can.” I am not a noise person but 3 of my 4 kids are very much the noise makers. This will be a great experiment (the quiet zone). Thanks1


  2. Our home functions much the same way. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with just appliances, such as the washer, dryer or dishwasher. All seem weirdly loud to me in our little house. I can’t imagine adding the chaos of TV or Radio on a constant basis. That said, we do enjoy music or audio books and Movies on occasion. But, I’m with you silence is golden.


  3. lol, our house is in complete opposite (not intended as a proud statement). TV’s, radios, washer, my humming aspie child, kids playing tag in the house, smoke alarms going off (did I mention I am a terrible cook?)… it is constant noise at our place…cept during “quiet time” for 1 hour every afternoon, in which I admit I generally doze off (sitting down + quiet = sleep, right?).
    love the feet!!! so.very.charming.


  4. I never knew OCD had anything to do with it! Yes, I too cannot stand a whole lot of extra noise coming in from all over the place. Years ago we used to have a tv on all the time, but since we began raising kids, not so much! And I agree about the imagination…the more “lighted box” time my kids have, the less imagination they have.


  5. My house definitely isn’t like that at all. Granted, we don’t have a lot of noise beyond the washer and the dryer that always seem to be running. Instead it’s kid chaos. It seems like whatever is going on with my oldest boy is causing all kinds of chaos and drama in the house, which means lots of fighting and tantrums. It’s totally not fun…some days I wish we had more quiet time, but I know as soon as we figure out what’s getting under my oldest’s skin, we’ll be okay and we’ll be back to quiet again.


    • Oh, it’s not that my kids are quiet. Definitely not! Usually my place is full of sounds, the difference is whether or not the sound comes from an outside source or from the creativity of my munchkins. I don’t want absolute silence (at least not all day), I just don’t think we need “outside” assistance with our noise on a constant basis (meaning radio/tv).


      • I’d be thrilled if the noise in our house came from creativity, not getting under each other’s skin. I know we’re headed that direction, but for the time being it’s totally frustrating! This mama could use some piece and quiet! (Or maybe just some more pampering akin to your Pump Day posts!)


  6. Sounds very familiar 🙂 We adopted our son, the youngest now after 3 daughters. It’s amazing the amount of joyful noise he creates! I, too, will be implementing the ‘quiet zone’. Great idea! thanks for sharing!


  7. Our brood always spent a lot of time outside, running, climbing, building forts – and so on. When they cam in – they were quite subdued. Yes – silence is golden. When I am gardening, and only the frogs and birds are singing, that is when I feel closest to the Lord.

    Job 4:15-17

    King James Version (KJV)

    15 Then a Spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:

    16 It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying,

    17 Shall mortal man be more just than God? shall a man be more pure than his maker?


  8. Cristina! Thank you for all your support of my blog. I really appreciate it! I have really enjoyed looking around your blog too. And I have to tell you, that shot of your children’s legs is awesome! Also, I will definitely be looking into cc and bb cream. I could really use it! Thanks again! Have a great weekend.


  9. We have our own “quiet zone” as well. The television is only turned on during family movie times. This is not a daily habit, but maybe on the weekend for one movie. My kids make up games, play outside, and use their imagination for all sorts of play. They are noisy all by themselves. I love this post!


  10. I definitely like the quiet when the tv is not on, I noticed that the more hours the tv is on, the more “bored” and unable to entertain themselves my children become. I think they turn into pumpkins if I let them watch more than half an hour or 45 minutes at a time. Other Moms I know have said it affects their kiddos the same way. I am thinking we will have to do a tv. detox sometime soon! Cute pic, by the way!


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