Spring Co-op: Week 6

We’re done! Today was the final day of our spring co-op and it went out with a bang. There was all kinds of craziness, changes, and general mayhem.

The morning started off with some pretty sleepy kids (with good reason), it progressed with most of our families out sick, picked up with some curriculum gain, and ended with my oldest girl being sick.

Even with all the craziness of the day, it was a blessing being able to see our friends for a short while. It is always lovely to fellowship and learn something new.

Spring Co-op: Week 6, #1

Yup, that’s “Mouse”. She got her hair chopped last night and is loving it.

Spring Co-op: Week 6, #2 Spring Co-op: Week 6, #3 Spring Co-op: Week 6, #4 Spring Co-op: Week 6, #5

T was joined by another girl in class (hooray, the first time this session) and we made some lovely Pac-Man and owl origami pieces; very cute!

N and Mouse had a blast in their art and PE courses. Their teacher had them finger painting (sometimes a lost art with middle aged kids), which they really enjoyed.

JAG’s teachers said he had a blast and behaved very well. (This can sometimes be a challenge for him when he plays sports and is overly competitive; we are working on this though!)

For me, the day’s bonus feature was purchasing some curriculum from another mommy in our PSP. She has a son a few years older than T and uses the same curriculum. It seems she had been holding on to some older curriculum and wanted to sell it off. I got a great deal on some of next year’s stuff and most of 8th grade. Whoopie!

It was a great morning, full of fun and laughter (even if it was a bit chaotic). This evening is our PSP’s game night, but unfortunately it seems we won’t be attending. Right after I scored some awesome deals on text books, the troop headed over to the library. Within a few moments of being there, it became very evident that T was under the weather.

Sure enough, Pop confirmed the little lady needs to be kept home and get some rest. So, the family is going to be hanging out at home and getting some much deserved downtime.

While we are a little bummed at missing out on more fellowship, I am looking forward to getting some things cleared off my plate and getting these new books organized.

What a great way to end an eventful co-op season!


4 thoughts on “Spring Co-op: Week 6

  1. Wait! Your “spring” co-op is ENDING just as spring is beginning! lol Mouse DID let you chop off her hair! Did she say “Make it just short enough that it can’t go in a ponytail”? lol Miss you all. Let the girls know I got their lovely St. Patrick’s cards. I really need to get back on the crafting ball!


    • Yes, co-op actually ends at the beginning of spring. It ought to be fall and winter co-op, but what are you gonna do?
      Mouse asked me to cut her hair, it seems she is sick of me asking her to brush it every ten minutes. She gets too many tangles. Keeping it short seems easier for her. She likes it right above her shoulders, but not much shorter than that.
      I’ll let them know… Easter cards are in getting started this coming week. Where is the time going?


  2. I would love to have a co-op here. Our area has a majority of unschoolers, and we are a -much- more school at home family.
    I’ll just have to live vicariously through your group for now!


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