A Piece of Local History

It never fails to amaze me; no matter how many times I do something, I can always learn more. Just yesterday, while visiting the same library I have gone to every week for years now, I found a new section of the library I didn’t even know existed! In a tucked away portion of our library, lies a piece of local history.

In a small room next to the information desk, is a wonderful collection of pictures, artifacts, and information about the city. To make learning even more fun, interactive exhibits help make your time all the more interesting. Here you are encouraged to learn all you can about the history of our town and the people who have helped build this valley.

Local History (1)

An interactive exhibit, teaching us more about local history.

Local History (2)

A map of the area, along with some historical documents about the founding of the city.

Local History (3)

Another interactive exhibit teaching available for all to use.

Local History (4)

Artifacts, documents, and general information on the founding and history of the city.

Local History (5)

The door to a hidden treasure!

Wow! I am so amazed that this little gem has been within reach this whole time and I didn’t even know it!

I am going to need to carve out some time to pull my kids into this exhibit and enjoy some local history. Who knows what we might discover!



4 thoughts on “A Piece of Local History

  1. That’s too funny! I found that room the first time I went with you last summer. lol I didn’t go into the room, tho’. I had just assumed you knew about it. 🙂 That place truly is amazing.


    • The interactive portions of the exhibit used to be on display in the main walkway. Once they were gone, I didn’t think to look in another portion of the library.
      I don’t usually visit the reference section and I very rarely get into the adult nonfiction areas either.
      It appears I need to go sans kids and explore a little more!


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