Easter Break!

Easter EggsWoohoo! We had an awesome Easter weekend, which is being followed up by a week of some down time. While it would be nice to think this means we are absolutely free of all responsibilities, a time to just kick back and relax; unfortunately that isn’t true. 

For the kids, it generally means sleeping in, playing around, and a lessened degree of chores. For mommy, there are still things to be done; laundry still needs to be taken care of, the house still needs to be cleaned, and people still like to eat. 

We have Keepers tomorrow and “T” has testing for our homeschool PSP later this week. (Please keep her in prayer; that she be able to focus and not be overcome with anxiety about her performance. I personally think she is going to do very well, but she has her doubts.) 

Our “official” school year is almost complete (five more weeks to go), so a portion of this week is more than likely going to be spent on planning our summer activities. We don’t take the summer “off” from school, but instead use it to focus on special activities and projects. The fun never ends!

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I am hoping to find some time to catch up on my reading and perhaps watch a flick or two. 

Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Easter Break!

  1. ditto here! Taking a week of down time. We technically have another quarter (9 weeks) due to taking a month off due to surgery and illness. We, too, do activities throughout the summer, like more science experiments, or doing projects we don’t seem to get to during the regular school year. =) My younger kids still do the 3 r’s (about an hour), but we call it “lesson time” as to not get confused with our public school peers that have NO “school”, lol.


  2. If you watch any good films let me know, I’m just working through several box sets of TV series that have been recommended while my small boy is away. After all the house etc doesn’t need doing every day right now. The down time is rather lovely


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