Mommy, I’m Bored

BoredomThere used to be an old saying, “If you’re bored, it’s because you are boring!” I find myself constantly quoting this to my children whenever I hear complaints of this nature.

Personally, I find it very hard to validate any claims of boredom. There are far too many things in life to do, see, experience, and accomplish for me to be bored. So when my children show signs of this malady beginning to take hold, it’s time to jump into action.

For my kids, we have devised a whole list of “boredom busters” which we frequently employ when the boredom bug decides to bite.

Boredom Busters

  • Bubbles- Believe it or not, we don’t keep these out all the time. They are kept just for such occasions and for special events.
  • Play Dough- Same concept, we keep these for those times when the kids just need something different to do.
  • Art Attack- I have special boxes of art supplies just for moments of boredom. They are filled with foam shapes, stickers, self-inking stamps, and other fun items they don’t use when doing their normal art projects.
  • Paper Dolls- We have various sets of paper dolls (and some magnetic ones) which we pull out, helping to entertain us all.
  • Glow In the Dark Sticks- You might think these only work at night, but not so! We have been known to pull them out in the middle of the day, lock ourselves in a bathroom, and spend an hour having some fun.
  • Board Games- Hey, they aren’t called that for nothin’! We have been known to dump all the pieces out and mix them up, creating completely new games.
  • Flip Side- This is a fun activity my kids like, where they lay on their backs and imagine the world upside down. What would it be like to walk on the ceiling?
  • Balloons- I keep a bag (or two) of balloons on hand at all times. It takes only a few moments and the kids have a room full of balloons to play with. This never fails to keep them entertained.
  • Face Paint- After Halloween, I make sure to pick up several face painting kids for very inexpensive. We pull these out every so often and practice painting each other’s faces.
  • Camping- We have a child’s size camping tent we pop out, this offers hours of fun with very little work involved.

Thankfully, our kiddos are very good at keeping themselves entertained. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan of action, in case the boredom bug hits.

It seems quite a few others experience the same dilemma. There are entire websites, articles, and blogs dedicated to eradicating the boredom bug. Wow!

My last resort, if none of the above seems to entice? “Hey, there’s always chores!” For some reason, this always seems to work….


17 thoughts on “Mommy, I’m Bored

  1. It’s nice to see I wasn’t off the mark 28 years ago. It’s also nice to watch my daughters employ the same ideas as yours today, as a grandmother. The “chores” issue has been conquered with tags and tickets that eventually result in “payment”. An excellent way to teach responsibility and the concept of actual work!! Enjoy your blog and it brings back many memories!


  2. Reblogged this on Kid's Ministry: God's Word in rich soil and commented:
    This is great!
    How many times have parents heard that from their kids now days? This is the culture we live in, with instant entertainment at our fingertips. I don’t think kids were bored so much in other cultures. It stirs the fillings of obligation in the parents. We feel we have failed our children when the dreadful declaration spills from their mouths. “I’m bored Mom!”
    We jump into action; no child should ever have to endure such agony. We will fight lions, cross the seas in a row boat, climb tall mountains and sit for hours in traffic to rid the world of the curse of boredom.
    They can put a man on the man so you’d think they could find a cure to boredom.

    Clay Writer


  3. The two little boys are good about self-entertaining. They are currently banned from their toys and are still staying entertained just fine. The oldest, however, has a very hard time finding something to do other than play on his phone. So when the phone is off limits, I find myself reminding him that there are plenty of chores to be done if he can’t find something other than pouting to do. I love these ideas, and think I may be building a special art box.


  4. Will be using these ideas. My issue is trying to keep him from electronics. I literally have to force him to stay outside some days. He’s terrified of bees. So that’s often an excuse to come in after only five minutes. Sigh…


  5. Nice ideas, though we have adopted a low interference policy on solving boredom. Unless I absolutely need to I try to let them work it out for themselves. Cries of boredom are always my cue that the TV has been on too much (a more frequent problem on the weekends.) But, my stand by response to “I’m bored.” is, “Oh, that is exciting! Boredom is the itchy place just before you have a great idea!” It seems to get them thinking and in no time they have discovered something to do.


  6. Years ago I met an more experienced mom who told me, “when my children claimed to be bored, they were handed a sponge and bucket and washed walls for me.” She said it worked like a charm. I tried it, and found she was right! “Bored” is not a word my children used very often at all!


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