Ice Cream Social (Or Not)

Every once in a while, I surprise myself by doing something so completely out of character, I baffle even me.

Recently, a close friend mentioned her grown sons were talking about ice cream. They were debating who could eat the most ice cream and my girlfriend thought it would be fun to take on the guys.

The boys laughed at the mere idea of a lady beating a bunch of grown guys in a food competition, but she was not to be dissuaded.

Her sons said they would get three of the guys together if she would get herself and two other homeschool moms in on it as well. I was drafted and the plans began to get rolling.

Last night was the date set for our harmless fun. Why, oh why, do I let myself get talked into these things?

Ice Cream Social #1

My boy having fun at Farrell’s

Ice Cream Social #2

The Pig’s Trough

Ice Cream Social #3

The fellas digging in

Ice Cream Social #4

Seriously! These guys took this competition to a whole new level.

Ice Cream Social #5

The ladies were a little more dainty about eating their trough of ice cream.

Ice Cream Social #6

The empty trough… who won?

Ice Cream Social #7

Me having a laugh at our silliness.

Ice Cream Social #8

The one who started it all… thanks for the fun! It was a blast.

Ice Cream Social #9

The kiddos enjoying their own trough and cheering us on.

Ice Cream Social #9

The winners (of course)!

The guys won! I take it back; they didn’t just win, they completely demolished us! They were shoving ice cream in their mouths so fast, we couldn’t stop laughing long enough to eat our own pile of deliciousness.

It all truthfulness, I don’t think we actually expected to win. It was mostly an excuse to get out and have some good, clean fun (well, mostly clean).

It seems we can’t get enough of defeat. The other ladies want a rematch. This time, with french fries.

Oh, my!


12 thoughts on “Ice Cream Social (Or Not)

  1. I don’t know how big those winning guys are, but I feel fairly certain my guy could beat them, by himself! 😀 Too bad we live so far – he could be a ringer for your team!


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