Another Cooking Lesson

When I first got married, I did not know how to cook. That isn’t an exaggeration or false modesty, it’s the flat-out truth. I couldn’t have told you how to make rice, much less dinner. After having our oldest daughter, my husband kindly asked if I would consider talking to his mom.

His parents used to own a restaurant; a few in fact. They opened a Spanish restaurant in one location and then moved it to another. Later they owned a Mexican restaurant as well.

If anyone was going to teach me to cook, it was his mom!

Taking lessons from my mother-in-law was one of the best things I could have ever done for both of us. I learned how to cook some awesome food (I’ve gotten fairly good at it, I think). She got to spend time holding her baby girl. We both learned a great deal about each other and in the process became very close.

It has been several years since mom and I have made a mess of her kitchen together. Usually when we visit, either she does the cooking at her house or I am doing the cooking at mine.

Recently, the man asked if I had ever learned how to make a particular Spanish dish he was craving and hadn’t had in a while. I was surprised to realize that was one recipe I hadn’t learned yet.

So, trying to be the good wife I’m supposed to be, I asked mom if we could once again make a mess of her kitchen learning a new recipe.

I made sure to grab all the supplies needed and today we headed over for some fun.

Pollo a la Vizcaina

Pollo a la Vizcaina

Mom showing me how to cut the chicken.

Pollo a la Vizcaina #2

Mom showing how she cuts the vegetables.

Pollo a la Vizcaina #3

Browning the meat

Pollo a la Vizcaina #4

Pollo a la Vizcaina, put together and cooking nicely.

Another successful recipe is now under my belt! We are currently enjoy the fruits of our labor and basking in a job well done!


The dishes are done (I definitely made sure to clean up the mess I made!) and the family is back home. Now for a good movie and a nap….


4 thoughts on “Another Cooking Lesson

  1. That’s neat! I didn’t know how to cook when I got married, either, but I’m not blessed with cooks for either a mother OR a mother-in-law. My mom is stuck in the ’70s with her food; my MIL sets fire to kitchens on a regular basis. I love reading stories like these… it makes me hope that one day I can be so lucky to have a close cooking connection with someone someday!


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