Gone Fishin’

For the last several weeks, our son has been asking us to take him fishing. We aren’t quite sure what prompted the interest, but as it seemed a reasonable request, we made sure to take note and make it happen.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in our neck of the woods. With temps in the mid-70’s and clear, blue skies; it was the perfect day for grabbing a pole and cooking up some fish.

Boy’o is still too little to patiently fish for a great length of time, so we thought we would start small and take him to a local trout pond.

Gone Fishin' #1 Gone Fishin' #2 Gone Fishin' #3 Gone Fishin' #4 Gone Fishin' #5 Gone Fishin' #6The man had the time of his life and was so proud of the fish he caught. According to him, he is going to eat two all by himself (we caught three, with sister’s help)!

When Yayo asked when he wanted to go fishing again, my son promptly replied, “Tuesday!”


5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. My youngest son also loves fishing. I showed him this post and he was impressed by the size of the fish… he’s wondering what you used for bait:)


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