Yearbook Meeting #3

Three quarters of the home school event calendar have gone by, which means another yearbook meeting was in order. Today, we put the finishing touches on some unfinished business and got to work on the events preceding New Year.

As always, we had a great time visiting and getting things done. This time though, we had a  new helper to add to the fun. This turned out to be an even bigger blessing as half of our group were unable to make it.

Yearbook #3, 1

T  helping out by teaching the “new kid” how things are done.

Yearbook #3, 2

Two of our high school kids helping out.

Yearbook #3, 3

A close up of all our hard work. 28 pages done so far!

Yearbook #3, 4

The younglings having fun playing some board games.

Today’s meeting was especially fun for T, she normally wouldn’t be allowed to help, as she isn’t in junior high quite yet. However, with only four other kids showing up, we needed all the help we could get. T willingly, of course, stepped into lend a helping hand. She had a great time and did a wonderful job getting things done.

Ah! This event ended a long week of absolute madness. Perhaps the weekend will be more relaxed.


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