Books, Books; Where’s My Books?

This past Wednesday, I was able to scratch another item off of my “to do” list. Having already outlined which books needed to be purchased for next year’s round of education, it was time to finally get to some buying.

Language Arts Excerpt

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The kids and I made the trek to our local aBeka materials display center and plopped down a small investment into their future. Knowing this experience can be a little trying for their patience, we did our best to make this event go as smoothly as possible.

Before attending the display, I try to make sure I have all my items listed (with item number, including price) and printed. This not only helps me fill out my order form very quickly, it also saves me from making unnecessary impulse purchases. I know exactly what I need and how much I plan to spend. If thereย are items I am unsure about, those go at the bottom of my list and I peruse them online or at the event quickly.

At the materials display, I find the few items which I am unsure about and make my final decisions on those. Knowing all my other items are organized, I am able to complete my order form and be out the door in about twenty minutes.

Grammar & Composition

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Why attend a materials display? Easy… I save money. I could place my order online, but by attending a display I save 5% on my order and pay no shipping. It might not be much, but every bit helps.

Attending a display also allows me to actually look through any items which I still don’t have peace about. For example, this year there were two items which I wasn’t sure of. One I actually purchased; the other I decided to skip. It wasn’t that the material was poor, it just wasn’t a necessity.

In addition to attending the aBeka display, I also made a few purchases online. I don’t buy the “boxed” deal from aBeka; I am very eclectic in my children’s education. A few items were still needed. Thankfully, I found those items either

Arithmetic 1

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on Amazon (Teach them Spanish, A Reason for Writing, and their summer workbooks) or Rainbow Resource (Geography) for very little cost.

Aaaahhh! As I mentioned, it is nice to have that little item off my list. School ends in two weeks, so my shelves will be cleaned off and ready for the next set of materials to arrive.

Now, let’s see how long it takes for them to get here….

22 thoughts on “Books, Books; Where’s My Books?

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am planning on going to our local materials display this May! This last year was my first year for homeschooling (officially) and I ended up buying the entire box package for the parent portion as I had purchased some used curriculum earlier last year. I think that I am going to pick and choose a little more this year and maybe try out a couple of other curriculum ideas for some of the other subjects like health, science, and history. We’ll see how it goes.


    • Depending on the age of your child (and your comfort level) buying the whole package really isn’t necessary. You might not need an answer key for first grade arithmetic.

      I prefer to only purchase what I absolutely need and will further their education. I also find that no one company does everything right. So, I use aBeka for their strengths and then piecemeal the rest.

      Best wishes on finding what works best for your family.


    • I used quite a bit of my own materials for kindergarten as well. Unfortunately, as they got older (and more of them), it became so much extra work creating their material. I could either spend that time creating the work or purchase equally good material and enjoy my kids. I chose the second option, it just worked better for me.

      I am enjoying learning about what others use though. Great ideas!


  2. As a newbie to homeschooling, I was completely overwhelmed by the no. of curriculum available. How do you choose a curriculum that’s suitable for your children, and of quality?


    • Besides lots and lots of prayer? (laughing) I found which learning style suited them best and then attempted to find curriculum which fit. When looking for curriculum, I specifically looked for advanced material or things with very high reviews.

      After looking at friends’ curriculum and reading a bit online, I found a few items which were possibilities. I tested out several the first year; whichever didn’t fit were tossed and we tried another the following year.

      Thankfully, it only took us about two years to get things down. By first grade we were smooth sailing and ready to go. Each of my children have followed pretty much the same pattern with their learning styles, which has helped a great deal.

      Each year, I reevaluate whether what we are using works. Usually I stick with what we have, but sometimes necessity forces me to change. This coming year, my oldest will hit junior high. Unit studies will still remain, but we’ll be choosing a more methodical path to our year.

      I would be interested in knowing how YOU found a suitable choice for your children. I like hearing people’s stories.


      • Thank you for sharing. It’s pretty daunting to find a curriculum that’s suitable. Yes, you are right about praying, praying and more praying.

        I asked around about the curriculum other homeschoolers used – what they liked about, how much prep is needed for each lesson etc. Googled for reviews too.

        The curriculum needed to suit my daughter’s learning style and whether I am comfortable using it. Then, I gave ourselves an evaluation period to see if both of us enjoyed learning/doing the curriculum – if we should tweak some parts of the curriculum or stop using it altogether.


  3. Reblogged this on A Homeschool Mom and commented:

    One additional thought… always make sure to discuss your book budget with your husband before making purchases. This saves a world of trouble; no arguments about how much was spent and a oneness of mind for next year’s learning. Have fun shopping!


  4. Ah! thanks for the reminder! I had been meaning to take advantage of a few spring sales. I think I’ll be spreading our purchases out over the next few months to ease the sticker shock. Now that I have three in school (with two middle schoolers) all those books are getting more expensive.


  5. I am headed on monday to a homeschool library in our town. So excited because I have looked at everything online and have a list of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices so that I can see what is actually there and after looking at them make my choices. This is going to save us a ton of money! For this I am super thankful!


  6. Yep – books, books, books! I just ordered our math and science for next year, and have a huge Abe Books and Amazon list going for the history, poetry and lit. It’s fun though! I’m getting excited!


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