Yearbook: Family Page Work Party

Playing AroundThis isn’t the picture I intended to share today. No, I wanted to show you a room full of mommies working together, learning to create their yearbook family pages. Instead, I have nothing to show. Why? Simply this… no one came! (laughing)

It seems the ladies who signed up for today’s event ended up either canceling or just not showing. The rest must have their family page “in the bag” (hopefully). Therefore, today’s event was a bust.

What is a Family Page? To conclude each year’s book, the families are encouraged to create their own scrapbooking page to celebrate their year of learning. There is no wrong or right; they are free to be as creative as they like. The only things we do ask, is that there be a family Bible verse and some pictures of their year.

Oh, well! I did get to print out this month’s newsletter while I was at the church and the kids did get to play on the playground.

That counts for something, right?


3 thoughts on “Yearbook: Family Page Work Party

  1. Oh my! Those scheduled events that sort of “unschedule” themselves when you’re already there. *sigh* Been there. Done that. The family pages sound really cool, though! Our homeschool group doesn’t do that…yet. 😉 Great idea!


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