Another Failed Attempt

An Empty SwingThere is something wrong with this picture. Can you guess what it might be? No ideas? The swing is empty!!!

Once again, one of our homeschool events didn’t pan out. Oh, the kids and I made it, all right. It seems we’re the only ones who did though. (laughing)

The day was nice either way. The sky was blue, the breeze cool, and I had an opportunity to read a new book while the kiddos ran off that extra energy.

Just as we were thinking of heading out, one friend did show for about fifteen minutes, which was nice. We got to catch up while my kids did a little more running around.

Now we are back home, getting cleaned up and relaxing. I have another event this evening, Mom’s Night Out. Hopefully this will have greater success?


7 thoughts on “Another Failed Attempt

  1. Homeschooling can get lonely… But it forces us to become more social. If forces us as parents to also enjoy the benefits of its independence… Thanks for the great read and enjoy your “Mom’s Night Out”. 🙂


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