A Red Letter Day

Today was a full day of adventure in our household. We had two field trips and some shopping fun!

Our homeschool group decided to split into separate groups for a dual trip; the younger kids heading into the LA library and the older ones to the LA Times.

LA Times #1

The big kids had an adventurous morning exploring the LA Times.

LA Times #2

A linotype on display.

LA Times #3

Copies of previous editions of the paper.

LA Times #4

My oldest gal having a great time. (One mommy joked that this field trip was just for her.)

LA Times #5

Old photography paraphernalia on display.

LA Times #6

Darrell, the tour guide. He was fantastic!

LA Times #7

The outside of the Times building.

LA Times #8

A water powered printing press.

LA Times #9

The printing floor of the Times.

LA Times #10

In the lobby of the print building, are these neat statues. We couldn’t walk away without taking some fun pictures!

LA Times #11

One of our mommies having fun.

LA Times #12

LA Times #13

The first paper printed at the LA Times (well, a reproduction anyway).

LA Times #14

The paper room; it holds enough for two and a half, perhaps three, months worth of paper.

LA Times #15

Learning about paper weight and the amounts of paper on each roll.

LA Times #16

This ought to give you an idea of how high and how big these stacks of paper are. They each way approximately 1500 lbs.

LA Times #17

The printing presses.

LA Times #18

This is the room where the plates are made for each day’s printing.

LA Times #19

Processing the plates takes precision and time.

LA Times #20

The processing room, where the papers are checked (right off the line) and then put together.

LA Times #21

Uncle Sam helping out with some handy printing.

LA Times #22

Darrell and our gang, as the day was ending.

LA Library #1

The littler kids spent some time at the library. This has got to be one of the largest libraries I have ever seen! There are seven stories in all.

LA Library #2

The children’s section reception desk.

LA Library #3

The picture book section of the library; JUST the picture book section. This does not even begin to cover the non-fiction, fiction, reference, or board books. WOW!!!

LA Library #4

My middle girlie having a good read.

LA Library #5

It seems no matter which library we are in, this book must be found and read. So, here we go!

Our day was definitely full. We met up with our friends at nine this morning and didn’t actually finish our tour until about three.

Afterwards, my girls decided they needed to see the library where their brother had spent part of his morning, so back we went; they were amazed and delighted. It took quite a bit of cajoling to get them out the door. (Which turned into a fiasco in-and-of itself! The parking structure system is hideous!)

While it might seem like this should be end of our day, it wasn’t over yet. We had another side trip to make on Olvera Street.

For those who haven’t read American Girl books before, it seems all the characters are turning ten in the books; one book out of each set is dedicated to their birthdays alone. My daughters are huge AG fans.

When my oldest girl turned ten, we treated her to a day at the LA American Girl store, lunch and all. To top off the day, we bought her the outfit which matched her favorite character, Kit Kittredge.

My second little lady is turning ten in another thirteen days! Unfortunately, AG does not sell an outfit for her favorite character, Josefina. Thus… a trip to Olvera Street was in order. Olvera Street (for those who have probably never heard of it) contains a plethora of all things Mexican. Josefina is a Mexican-American character and we knew we would find the perfect outfit right here.

Sure enough we did! She looks absolutely adorable! The outfit fits her beautifully, closely matches the character in the book, will last for quite some time, and was extremely affordable. (I will post pictures of her, in all her cuteness, on her actually birthday.)


After ALL this fun, it was most definitely time to return home and get some much deserved rest.

After sitting in loads of traffic, we are finally here. The kiddos and I are relaxing with some tube while the man gets forty winks. After a good meal and some rest, I might just be ready to tackle what looks like another extremely full day tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “A Red Letter Day

  1. We are giant AG fans here 🙂 That’s a great idea about the 10th birthday treat. We took our 4 year old daughter to the store in McLean, VA when we were back in the states recently visiting family and she loved it 🙂


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