Reading is So Delicious!

It is that time of year once again. Between all the activities planned for our summer of fun and jumping from pool to pool, time needs to be made for this very important summer tradition… The Summer Reading Program! This year’s theme: Reading is So Delicious!

Reading is So DeliciousOur local library started sign-ups for the reading program this past Thursday. Due to that date being my little girl’s birthday, we were unable to make the opening event.  However, that is not going to stop us from signing up as soon as we can.

After a brief search on the internet, I found the California Library Association‘s outline for this summer’s reading program. Wow! There are some awesome links and downloads available!

Some suggested activities are local food drives and stuffed animal midnight feast events. There are story time models and age appropriate reading lists available as well.

It seems the focus this year is not only on reading some great books, but on keeping our bodies healthy as well. A few activities will base their lessons on healthy eating, cooking, and creating cookbooks. Reading is Yummy

Not one to be left out, I too plan to participate in this summer’s reading program (as I usually do). So, as the kiddos are busy filling out their own registration cards, mommy is going to be filling out one of her own.

Last summer I came away with a few fun prizes, a cookbook included. Who knows what this summer might bring; free ice cream, pizza, or books to keep?

No matter the prize, this summer is sure to be delicious… books and all!

Are you signed up for the summer reading program?

11 thoughts on “Reading is So Delicious!

  1. Our local library has also started a summer reading program! We have our 3 youngest signed up! It is going to be a great program. They have also started a book club for the kids through the school year can’t wait to see that go into full swing this September!


  2. So funny—I just wrote on this very topic today! Well, partly….I wrote about our library’s summer reading program and a wonderful list of 1000 Good Books for children that I ran across. Same basic topic, two different directions! 🙂


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