Work Hard, Play Harder: Outdoor Water Bed

I firmly believe in doing everything to the best of my ability. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right! I also believe this line of thought should extend outside the realm of work. Playtime should be just meaningful as industry.

Water Blob Tutorial

Bobbie Bird’s Tutorial on how to make your own “water blob” or “bed”, as I call it.

To this end, the kiddos and I have decided to plan several fun activities which we can work on together and enjoy some play time. Today’s fun event… an outdoor water-bed!

While I would love to take credit for this truly awesome idea, I must give credit where credit is due. Bobbie Bird over at The Clumsy Crafter came up with this clever notion of using everyday materials to have loads of fun.

This idea is so simple and cute, anyone can do it. Simply take plastic tarp (definitely get the heavy-duty thickness, no flimsy stuff will do) and duct tape. Fold the tarp in half and tape the three open sides firmly together, leaving a small opening on one corner to fill your “bed” with water before fully closing it up. Then… have some fun!

There are a few things I would do differently next time, because we will be doing this again!

I believe instead of using food coloring, which can get very expensive, I might like to try blue Kool-aid or even water-color paint. I think this would have the same effect, but last longer and be more cost-effective.

I would also make sure to stop at a discount store and purchase plastic fish (or something along those lines) to put in the “bed” as well. This would give the kiddos something to play with while bouncing around. Bobbie mentioned she might try it with confetti next time herself, which would also be amazing!

This was the perfect ending to an already fun afternoon. With our newly rented library books, we got busy on our reading challenge for the week and did some outdoor resting at the same time.

Ah! There’s nothing like some good, hard play time!

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