The Mad Scientist: Star Light, Star Bright

This week found the “mad scientist” and her minions studying the amazing, cosmic world of stars!

The kiddos and I created these adorable, yet functional constellation medallions. On each medallion is a punch-out of a particular constellation with the proper name listed for each; on the opposite side is the popular name. We created sixteen constellations each, so each child would have their own set.

Constellation Medallions

My son’s medallions; his got a little crumpled in the process, unfortunately. They are made with heavy cardstock.

One neat aspect of these medallions is that they not only provide the kids with their own reference to all major constellations, but, when held up to the light, they project the constellation itself onto the opposing surface!

This proved to be very exciting for my family. They enjoyed reviewing their favorite formations and creating a pocket-sized reference to keep.

Not wanting to stop at the medallions, the gang also pulled out some aluminum foil and an old glass jar. We punched “stars”, constellations, and other formations into our foil paper. We then put the paper into the glass jar, added a light, and watched the walls glow with our “homemade galaxy”. Jar Star Projectors(I would highly recommend using a jar that is round and has very little to no lip on it. This will make putting the aluminum foil into the jar much easier. Other jars will cause the foil to crumple and ruin the affect.)

Mom wasn’t quite ready to end our lesson quite yet, so we grabbed our laptop and I had them watch this awesome video by Louie Giglio. (I know I have posted this video before, but it bears repeating.)

(While stars were the main focus of our science lessons today, we of course made sure to spend about an hour on our microscope fun. Today was especially exciting with fern development, frog reproductive organs, blood, and a view of mitosis. So much fun!)

This evening, the plan is to dig out our constellation projector (which little miss picked out for Christmas) and sleep under the stars. What an enjoyable day!

“He determines the number of the stars; He gives to all of them their names.” Psalm 147:4


9 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist: Star Light, Star Bright

  1. I have to tell you that today I was struggling with the fact that my 8 yr old son finds anything that is not about Star Wars or lasers “boring”. It makes it difficult to teach things when he is rolling his eyes and dreaming up Star Wars plotlines (lol). But this video really, really caught his attention. He was blown away by the hugeness and vastness of the created stars. It got his little mind focussed on God in a new and exciting way! So thankful for this today!


    • Oh, how neat! I’m so glad that he was blessed by this video. The universe is just one of God’s amazing creations.
      If your son is into Star Wars, perhaps building all his studies around this topic might work? My boy is into Angry Birds Star Wars; so we write about it, learn about space, read about it, learn the history regarding it, and so much more. It’s amazing what you can learn through even a small lens.
      Best wishes! 🙂


  2. Since I have a tendency of being so long winded (long written) I’ll just say I love the article and I love how you tied it into the Scripture in Psalms. Isn’t it amazing in this day and age when astronomers label a lot of the stars with numbers and such (some are named) that our Heavenly Father calls them ALL by name! Just a thought! God bless continually!


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