Art Attack: Digital Coloring

In this day and age, old-fashioned methods of life are slowly dwindling. Very few of us handwrite notes, almost everyone uses their cell more than a landline, and we are coming into an age where cars drive themselves.

Tom Thumb

An initial reproduction of Tom Thumb by my middle girl, before scanning and coloring via computer.

It should come as no surprise then that art too has gone the way of technology. With Disney’s complete abandonment of traditional methods, we are now looking at an age of completely digital animation. (Oh, sure; there will always be artists who paint with an actual brush; they are just growing few and far between.)

I too try to make a point of exposing my children to the vast world of digital art. Due to my husband already being in the illustration business, we have a collection of applications which hold the standard in the digital art realm.

On the laptop my children frequent, they have free access to such programs as Photoshop, Illustrator, Comic Life, and more!

Over the course of our normal school year, they have a free rein in how much they produce and which projects they work on. Come summer, mommy usually pulls them in and hands out assignments for the upcoming LA County Fair.Stylus

This summer we are looking to reproduce a favorite illustration from a children’s story. My younger kiddos stuck with the program and have picked some cute choices. “T” has decided to come up with something completely different and I am allowing her to differ from her siblings. (I think she is old enough to start making some choices of her own.)

No matter the project, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to hone in some skills which need work, to learn some new tools they might not have previously explored, and to get some training from their pop.

(My husband started off as a “traditional” artist, so we still dabble in paint and other mediums. However, more and more, digital art is becoming the norm.)

Has your family had any fun exploring art in a digital medium?


10 thoughts on “Art Attack: Digital Coloring

  1. I’m jealous that you have your husband for a resource for this sort of thing! I’ve dabbled in digital art since I first bought Paint Shop Pro 4.0 in 8th grade (saved up all my money from picking strawberries at my grandma’s farm one summer), but I’m getting left in the dust by the advances in technology since then. My kids are still young, but I definitely want to let them dabble in digital art just as much as they do traditional art! 🙂


      • I also want to step in to recommend Photoshop Elements. It’s a a lot cheaper than regular Photoshop and is only supposed to be missing a features. I personally haven’t noticed which ones yet. I used to use full Photoshop and have been pining after a new copy since I lost access.


  2. I’m more of a traditional artist myself, but I did recently get Art Studio on my iPad and did my first digital drawing on it (my avatar). I have to say after that experience I’m very jealous of that thin stylus pen. It takes a bit to get used to a thicker tip of the iPad stylus.
    As for my daughter she had a few apps that include coloring and space to draw. The stylus pen we have was originally for her to do the coloring and workbooks on there.


  3. Well Sis (in Christ), I’m the living proof that the myth, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” As I dabble in different types of digital art constantly. I do use Photoshop CS5 extensively and I dabble with Illustrator CS5 as well. I also have Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo and CorelDraw which I like to use also from time to time. I actually had a close friend when we lived in Arizona who had a Printing shop and I used to fill in for him when his wife and he would go on a yearly missions to the Philippines. He is the one that got me interested not only in the “computer age” but with desktop publishing as well. I learned a lot about graphic design and such from him and because I took to it so quickly, I was able to help him eventually with online ministry.
    It’s great to see you instill the digital medium in your kids, but it’s great to see that you are teaching them also the “hands-on” approach!
    God bless you abundantly and richly!


    • I’m the living proof that the myth, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Meant to say, “is false!” Sorry about that!


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