How Pin-tresting: Twist and Shout

We are back on a Pintrest kick today, trying out some of the items “pinned” to our many boards. This week… a recipe and some artistic fun with the kids!

If you have ever been to your local mall and passed Auntie Anne’s or Wetzel’s, you know just how tempting it can be to plunk down four dollars for one quick snack. Always willing to save a buck, the first “pin” the kids and I wanted to tackle were homemade soft pretzels from Fifteen Spatulas! (This also gave us the opportunity to play with a new kitchen device recently purchased by my husband, our new food processor.)

This “pin” turned out to be so simple and incredibly delicious! Sea salt and EVOO pretzels were made, as well as cinnamon and sugar. The kids were able to make these pretzels completely on their own, with no help from me. They had so much fun twisting the dough into whichever shape they desired. We are definitely going to be making these on a regular basis.

Schooled In LoveThe second “pin” we wanted to tackle was wire sculpting, which Schooled in Love on WP came up with. (I tried to find their blog, in order to link, but couldn’t find them unfortunately.) This too is super simple. Snag an old wire hanger (or borrow some from friends, if you don’t own any, like us) and bend it into any shape you desire. Cover it with a knee-high stocking and, wallah,…. abstract art!

No two pieces are going to be same, so don’t let that concern you or the kids. The object is to have fun and try something new!

did plan to stop and purchase a Spirograph for the kiddos as well (Who am I kidding? It was actually for me.), but I didn’t get around to it. I am trying to justify its use first. They look like so much fun though, don’t they?

As always, join us in having some fun! If you try out any of these projects, give us a holler and let us know how they turned out and any new twists on the original idea. We really like learning new things. Also, if any of you own a Spirograph, I’d appreciate your input. Do you use it often and, if so, has it helped in any learning areas?

I can’t wait to hear back!


12 thoughts on “How Pin-tresting: Twist and Shout

  1. very cool! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe for the pretzels. 🙂 Cool art idea too. 🙂 As for new ideas, have you ever tried the melted crayon paintings before? I saw them on youtube. You take the paper wrappers off of the crayons you want to use, glue them on a canvas board either across the top or in a shape/pattern of your choice and then melt them slowly with a hair dryer to let the colors melt onto the canvas. It looks pretty cool in the end. 😀 🙂


  2. You can justify a spirograph by tying it to math/geometry — looking at circumferences, radii, and angles to create the various designs. (Don’t ask me for details, tho’ — geometry was never my forte’). 🙂


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