The Mad Scientist: Squeaks, Croaks, & Groans

It seems all the girls in our house have come down with a cold. It started with sore throats and extended itself to full-blown head colds. (sigh) While we could just be down about this, it seemed a great opportunity for a quick science lesson.

BalloonsToday the kiddos and I chose to use our science time to talk about air pressure. We blew up a few balloons and had some fun. While normally we would tie off our balloons and play, we left our balloons untied and experimented with releasing air from our balloons. We tried making high-pitched tones and low, testing different levels of tension and air.

This led to some great conversations about what causes the tension on the neck of the balloon (our fingers, mainly) and the vibration of the material which causes the noise. From here, we related the neck of our balloons to our vocal chords and talked about how pressure affects the sounds being released from our own throats.

Singing properly goes far beyond simply having a nice voice. One must also learn air control, extension of your range, and how to care for your throat. I think we all enjoyed learning how our voice boxes function and how to use them properly.

We were able to explore what causes our voices to drop in tone and hinders us from speaking at times. We also covered how our voices can be damaged permanently, if not cared for properly. Milk, caffeine, and other foods can have a serious affect on the throat and vocal regions.

Wanting to help our throats get better, we tossed out some ideas on how to help our throats heal and remove some of that built up tension. Tea with honey, warm salt water, and other ideas were discussed.

Bear Joining the Fun

My little man assured me “Teddy” needed to see the slides too!

With throat lozenges neatly plopped in our mouths, we finished up science with a few slides under our microscope. Today… stages of meiosis and mitosis!

Now, for some R&R; no talking, just lots of peace and quiet. Hey, our voices need to heal right? At least, that’s mommy’s excuse!


“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”     – Psalm 95:1


2 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist: Squeaks, Croaks, & Groans

    • I learned this in high school when I used to perform as a singer. My doctor told me to stop drinking coffee and eating junk; it was killing my throat and preventing me from performing. Hard lesson learned, but I’ve never had the problem since!


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